There is an idea.

To bring together groups and remarkable people.

SHIELD is not a solution. It is not an ideal. It is an answer. An answer to all ill, demented, perverted and gross individuals on this planet. The reason evil succeeds, is because it is better organized. Mafias, clans, fraudster, drug dealers, armies, war lords; whatever. Good only looses because evil has structure, funding, loyalty and disgusting confidence. We, as SHIELD, try to break up this mountain to build a new state of this world from its rubble. Innocent people deserve protection. And sinful people deserve punishment. Surely, we are no law enforcement group. We aren’t able to fight crime. And we are no superheroes. But we are courages citizens willing to stand up for those who suffer and do not live in ease. It is a common and mutual goal. We are willing to make this world a better place than we’ve had it before. 

And you can be part of it too.

SHIELD is not a closed community. Everyone is welcomed to participate. Maybe you want to recommend a person or group we should add to our roster. Maybe you have an opinion you want being posted. Or you simply want to send a shout out. We want to solve this planets problems. And every contributing idea is welcomed. 

Hence we introduce a new platform.

This is ATLAS.

ATLAS is an idea that had many names before being called. It started as T.E.A.M., was then named Progress & Solution. The idea got always a bit more concrete. And it always progressed. The core idea is a catalogue of problems around the globe, and its possible solution. How do we solve the plastic invasion? Can we partially solve climactic issues? Can we defeat gang crime? We take scientific approaches, ideas from thinkers and intellectuals, activists and other less known and active people to solve problems of this world. There is an answer to every question. There is a solution to every problem. We just need to find it. And when we’ve found it, we need to enforce it. And everyone is welcomed in here too.

You can send your solutions, the solution you’ve read about, or simply know someone with solutions and send it to ATLAS via the contact page on this blog.

SHIELD, and ATLAS, are designed to make this world a better place.

Join us.

Welcome to SHIELD.

I’d liked to introduce you to all the wonderful people trying to make a difference.

M.E.E.T. T.H.E. T.E.A.M.

Mutually Extremely Evoking Troops 

To Help Other 

Totally Enthusiastic and Ambitious (Wo)Men

All ideas, recommendations and thoughts can be send to to this blog via the Contact page.

Updated Monthly. Last update: December 2019.

SHIELD is separated into three different categories. All in no particular order.

Category I: Individuals

These people have no own organization or group, but can be associated or affiliated with certain organizations or groups. Such people can include activists, politicians, or solo musicians.

Individual 1: Edward Snowden

Basic Facts

Nationality: U.S. American

Occupation: Speaker, President of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, Whistleblower

Age: 36

Why he is featured

Edward Snowden is among the bravest souls on Earth right now. He blew the whistle as a former CIA and NSA employee to tell the world of the mass surveillance programs conducted by his former employer. His courageous behavior made him globally known, but also had him made to live in exile. He currently resides in Moscow, Russia. But he did not stop there. Since his bold act, he speaks all around to globe to TV shows, talks, presenters and universities to explain the outcome of these programs to every single individual around the world. His technical and technological knowledge impresses beyond simple tips, but goes deep into the matter of phones, computer and other technological advancements. And he also is the president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. 

You can follow him here

Twitter: @Snowden

Other things

He wrote a memoir called: Permanent Record. 

You can buy it here: (Link)

Category II: Groups

A group is defined by what the word group implies: being a group. Such groups can be music bands, art collectives, or movements. 

Group 1: (Movement)

Basic Facts

Started in: Unknown

Founded by: (Add)

Goals: Connecting people across all of Europe to have a positive impact on EU politics and decision making


Why it is featured is an integral part of being European, act as a European, and feel like a European. It evokes petitions, organizes protests and tried to improve the EU – and therefore Europe – as a whole. It tries to step into the role of a European citizen to have a positive impact on EU politics and or its outgrowths. It protects and tries to get involved in the democratic process in the EU, tries to defend and maintain social justice and is generally known as a voice for European citizens to express their opinion, concerns and worries. Due to its cross-European way of acting, it has become a big part in connecting the people across all of Europe. People from Germany, Spain and France work with Italians, Greeks or Portuguese. It is a voice for all things Europe. And should be taken as an attempt to civilize this part of the world. Get involved today.

Category III: Organizations

Organizations can be non-government organizations, non-profit organizations, funds, ministries, foundations or companies who proud themselves in organic, ecological and non-pollutive ways to do business. 

Organization 1: WikiLeaks

Basic Facts

Started: In 2007

Founded by: Julian Assange, Australian

Goals: Opening governments to expose corruption, crimes and other illegal behavior


Why it is featured

WikiLeaks is no secret.*(1) Everyone knows about them by now around the globe. They’ve published Cable Gate, Collateral Murder, the Gitmo Bay Instructions Manual and much more. They serve the people by – as they claim by themselves: open governments. It has become a huge service for all people who have no idea how shady their seemingly clean government can be. It not only helps publishing secret material, it also helps dissidents and whistleblower around the globe to be as free as possible.*(2) Their endeavor for truth, hard facts and civil courage makes them a beacon of light for every person simply wanting to know more. Conspiracy theories have been replaced with evident documents, and evidence beyond a simple rumor. It also helps journalists around the globe to search aforementioned documents to expose bad behavior themselves. All in all, WikiLeaks represents right, righteousness, democracy, free press and free speech. Something many other organizations who claim to be same can learn from.

*(1) No pun intended.

*(2) They’ve helped Edward Snowden to escape Hong Kong and tried helping him gain asylum in Western states. It failed and he stranded in Moscow, Russia. 



The following solutions are not meant to be a be-all-end-all super solution. These are rather suggestions or recommendations.

It stands for ‘utopian’. This solution has a utopian part which makes it almost impossible to realize or implement. It may be possible; but not granted.

Problem 1: The War on Drugs

The problem with the war on drugs is that it cannot be won. We will never stop cartel wars in Mexico or parts of South America. They will always find a way to distribute, hide it, and sell it. Hence we must shift the focus of the problem. If nobody did drugs; nobody had to fight a seemingly futile war against drug lords. But what do I mean by “war on junkies”? Withdrawal maybe? Public places for junkies to take the drugs? The problem is by far bigger than you might think. No, the states of this world make no profit off of it. But yes, states do not care much for its citizens. They are programs for kids to eat healthy, to do exercise, but not to do no drugs. We had to start where it all begins: in the youth of a person. Yes – and I don’t want to not mention it here – the circumstances, surroundings, environment and socialization do their part too. Maybe a friend had drugs and did them, maybe young people got curious. But here we do come back to actual prevention. When they were programs for kids to not do drugs – and states meant it seriously! – it would do much more against the epidemic of drugs. A war on junkies is also a war with the human psyche. Humans exist, thrive and evolve in groups. People do drugs in public, on parties and or in clubs. Nobody wants to be left alone, left aside or left wherever. A strong willed, confident and reasonable human being will never do drugs. Drugs are for the weak. For the desperate. For everyone willing to suffer than to live. And don’t get me wrong. Some people actually do drugs because they live on the street, want to be more effective and efficient, or simply want a weekly kick. They think they have a reason to do so. And therefore we cannot win the war on drugs if people aren’t mature enough to think for themselves, judge for themselves and conclude for themselves. A strong individual will always deny drugs. But we run into way much more problems than that. The problem that kids are not raised properly all around the globe, the problem of miseducation by school systems, and the fact that people do not deem drugs bad or even condemn them. The only way to win the war on drugs are people who do not drugs. But in our egoistical world, where nobody cares for anyone but for themselves, it becomes an brutally hard obstacle. To come to a conclusion. Insight is the first step to revelation. Those who do drugs must learn to deny it. Those who don’t do drugs must learn to condemn it. Imagine how many lives were saved, how many existences were replenished simply with a different state of mind. Just imagine.

Problem 2: Education in the Third World

Solution: Tablets for the Third World

Right now the third world is in a tough situation with education. It gives people jobs, it gives them perspective, an opportunity to make something out of someone’s life. But we also run into problems. Long ways to school, too few teachers, or no books. Hence we could use specially for the third world designed and produced tablets to fill in a role. Instead of books, which can be only carried a few with a the same time, we’d use tablets to put thousands of books on it at once. The problem is though: who manufacturers them? We would find someone. How about electricity for the batteries? We could deploy tablets with batteries and without a single built-in batteries. How do we get them to the places where they are needed? That would be the smallest problem. Tablets could be used for education too. Not just for reading books and lecture. How about math? Languages? Or programming? They are countless apps already coded that could fill in in that role. We just needed to fund it! But how? Therefore we have billionaires, funds, development aid or companies who want good PR for their image. There would be enough opportunity for individuals, organizations or concerns to step in and help. It would revolutionize education in the the third world. Imagine how many children could learn and study. Not just academic disciplines; but also crafts, being a mechanic, or working in an office. Just with a tablet. Only imagine. 

Problem 3: The eyesight of the Third World

Solution: The one Dollar glasses

People in the Third World have the same issue as people in the First World. They need food, demand safety, and want prosperity. And they also have bad eye sight. But glasses, and many who bought a pair of it, know how expensive they can be. From one-hundred Dollar open end to several hundred Dollar. An inventive German going by the name Martin Aufmuth managed to create a process to sell glasses for just one, single Dollar. His system is easy. The process involves one single piece of metal bent to the shape of glasses, and he has 24 different version of glasses with all the typical dioptres for every eyesight. And as a bonus he creates jobs where he sells his glasses by manufacturing the one Dollar glasses wherever he deploys them. Right now Mr Aufmuth is on his own only with a few business partner and friends. Imagine how productive this endeavor would be if we had whole company, NGO or something like this behind this. It would literally change the world sees. Imagine we had a funding of one Million from richer states to bring one Million glasses to the people who need them. Imagine how many people would be able to read and watch things just because someone deployed one Dollar glasses. Just imagine. 

Problem 4: The plastic invasion

Solution: Restriction of use (U*)

The numbers, findings and headlines are alarming. More plastic than fish in the sea. Plastic in cosmetics, in food, even found in the excrements of humans. It is everywhere. It pollutes the oceans, lakes, rivers; it cannot be avoided. What do we do? First of all we need to avoid it where we can. A good start – or to be honest a bad start – is banning straws, plastic forks and knives, plates and bags. That does not do any good, but it is a start. The further process must slowly re-draw plastic from markets. The most obvious downside would be the loss of profits of plastic manufacturer. If we were able to ignore this, we could go on. We ban plastic packaging for food and replace it with smart branding. Smart branding is a brand new method to laser things into the the peel of food. (Without becoming foul or inedible.) It is a process from a Dutch company. And then we run into the problem of change anxiety. Journalists asks why nobody uses that method around the globe. The answer? “We have to wait and see.” It would potentially save plastic packaging in mass. Let’s think further. Could we replace plastics with paper? What if a chocolate bar would be wrapped in paper thin, super tearproof carton? It would not take years to compost and it could be recycled. Since plastic is a global problem, we need global solutions. We had to form alliances to avoid plastic. Maybe the UN could play a small part. Because we will never get the plastic out of nature ever again. Yes, there are people like Boyan Slat who clean up the ocean, and other ideas for rivers. But plastic in the ground, in the depths of the ocean, or wherever animals eat them, and cannot be taken out of nature. We need to restrict and forbid its use so that no new plastic gets into nature. We also need to consider making recycling easier, more straightforward and more rewardable. If all companies agreed to one specific, certain type of plastic that is easy to recycle; a few good deeds have been done. There is no other way around! The plastic invasion will not be solved over night. It probably takes entire generations to solve it. But on the other hand. Imagine how much of nature would be preserved, cultivated and saved when a few concerns were either forbid to produce, or are forced to clean up the mess themselves. Just imagine. 

Problem 5: Hate speech

Solution: Regulations, restrictions and punishment (U*)

Hate speech is everywhere. And its outcome is unbelievable or even comprehensible. Dozens of people run amok because of being triggered by their filter bubble or echo chamber. The phenomenon of hate is nothing new when it comes to humans. Chauvinism, or often racism, is because people want to feel being part of one group, and feel superior to the second group. Hate was always part of the human species. The Nazis had no internet in 1930’s and were also full of hate. The problem with the modern “form” of hate is not actually the hate itself. It is the dehuminization, the lack of empathy in general, and the lack of maturity. Hate is just the culmination of it; the pinnacle so to speak. People usually have no reason why they do what they do. You may say a mass shooting happened because of an echo chamber, radicalization, the total lack of empathy. But in essence: these people do not know why they do what they do. This also applies to trolls, criminals, terrorists, bullies – basically every “evil” a human can express. Yes, they also have their reasons. Terrorists have Jihad, bullies want to feel accepted and respected by others (which sounds weird, but it is their motivation), and criminals have no other motivation than personal gain. (And do not care for their victim. Lack of empathy, mind me.) Hate speech mostly happens on the internet. And no government around the globe has found a way to restrict or regulate their platforms. The most easiest solution would be: delete it. Delete all hate speech. But. Who finds it? Who sees it? Who deletes it? Is it free speech? Is it whatever? One of many reasons ISIS is so effective is their propaganda on the internet nobody thinks he or she is responsible for. If we want a more human, more civilized and less stressed civil discourse we must punish everyone abusing their voice. Someone posting memes must be punished with one month of disallowed internet use. But. Who signs the law? Who enforces the law? Is that even realistic? The problem is not hate speech. The problem is the internet itself. And I don’t mean anonymity. I mean that too many people think the internet is a safe space to live out their perverted mindset. If we want to re-radicalize the internet and make it safe space for actually good people, we must ban trolls consequently from the internet its platforms like Twitter or Facebook. The laws are partially there. The solution is obvious. Imagine how many lives could be saved, how many people would start in democratic discourse, if the internet is not a place for criminals, perverts, assholes and trolls. Just imagine. 

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