Categories can include:

Mood – A short line describing my current mood.

The Questions Marked – A question about personal things I’d like to explain or express.

Ghostwords – A poem. (Both English and German.)

The Journey – The life of Matthew Eugene Trail-Ashcot and his love for pop culture.

Act!vism – An attempt the contribute for a better world by offering positions, guides and ideas to help make the world a more positive and worthwhile place.

Depth Note – A long, in-depth and vast post about greater topics.

POP! – A post about pop culture.

Just One Thought – A more leisure approach to express a thought that has a more wide array of topics but has not any less impact.

Spotlight – I light a spot on current global events.

P.O.V. – My opinion about movies, books, TV shows, etc.

Kommentar – My German category. Kommentar means comment. And I comment on German events.

Sundays – N.E.T.

A nicely elaborated tid-bit to expand my NEU and building its world.

What is N.E.T.? It stands for Nicely Elaborated Tid-Bits and add extra information on characters, locations and institution within the NEU. Enjoy wise knowledge or funny trivia.

There are four categories.

1 – Article, which expands the universe.

2 – Character Profile, which gives insight to the characters.

3 – Did you know?, which is trivia.

4 – Creator‘s Notes, which are the personal notes of N. Burg.

1st day of the month – A new chapter of Super Detective.

Super Detective is a monthly poetry series being about Miles Miller living in New Berlin, Washington who solves crimes and tries to find Pointman.

Last day of the month – End of the Day.

A very, very short post to sum up the month.

Quick Thought and A dePICtion are being posted whenever I feel like it.

Quick Thought is a tiny post expressing a thought. (Mostly one line.)

A dePICtion is a picture I’d liked to share.

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