The Question Marked #4: Loving the Most

Sandy: Now a more grounded and simpler question: What do you love the most?

N. Burg: Oh, many things. And not many things. I love simplicity. A simple system is an efficient system, you know. A simple life makes me happy. Don’t dealing with deadlines, traveling or public appearances. I can get up, eat something, write something, think something. No one forces me to do things. No one makes me do things. I do it out of very own motivation and aspiration. I enjoy that. A lot. Also, I do enjoy creativity. I think creativity makes our world better. Music makes people happy, art makes people think, movies make people cry and games make people laugh. Creativity sets us apart. It gives us differentiation and makes humans unique. People begin to create their own biography and motivations. It gives them the opportunity to give others a good time. Hence I don’t like, what I call, extreme things like violence or sex. I never wrote such things into my own creative output. We should focus more on positive things and a more happier approach. Even though it makes things less … interesting to say the least. (laughs). I also love energy drinks. I drink them every week. 

N.E.T: #2 Article (Neutral) – Behind Cherry Cola

A popular beverage, which appears in almost every installment, is Cherry Cola. First of all: It is not affiliated with Coca Cola. (Or Dr. Pepper.) Cherry Cola is a subsidary of Sweet Swede. It has a strong note of cherry. (Hence the name.) But there is a little twist. A certain ingridient, which is unknown to the public, adds a certain feeling of sour-ness while gulping. 

The founder was the best friend of Sweet Swede’s founder Jens Gjulsen, Thore Lensskir. His reputation of a fun loving, carefree and kind attitude made him ‘the most popular boss in the world’ by the GQ magazine. His assistant, a woman named Shirley, called him the ‘funniest moron alive.’ (Which was a joke of course.)

The headquarters are located in the Bronx, New York City. The Bronx has been cleaned up and freed from crime to attract more corporations to this part of NYC. (Since most are located in Manhatten. But space became rare.) It’s 2212 Ferrington Street. It is located in the Gigalith Building. (Which is known for a pesty rat problem.) 

Another reason for its popularity may also its slogans and ad campaigns. With the slogan ‘Enjoy a Lifetime’ and an ad campaign ran by a popular actress, they managed a breakthrough in the bracket of 49 and older. They also spent money on senior residency with providing free Cherry Cola for its residents. What ended up in a jurisitcal disasters. (Because the World Government did not like to see elderly consuming so much sugar.) Cherry Cola has to provide a sugar-free version. Sadly, it was not in their product line-up.

P.O.V.: Monk TV series

Did I like it?

Pure joy.

When I started writing Super Detective I needed some inspiration; some input. And my local TV station just happened to start a run on the show. And I began watching almost every episode. It was a fascinating and hilarious run. The way the character Monk is written is as dramatic as it is comedic. It swings between both extremes like balancing on a sharp razor. It has a little but enduring and colorful cast which complement the entire show masterfully. Let’s go.

+ Acting. Masterclass.

Tony Shalhoub’s acting has yet to be conquered and challenged. The way he straightens his body, the way he tips objects. Keeping this consistency within all episodes is a miracle. He is not acting – he is. The way he uses his view is interesting. Especially when he is trying to look intimidating or cool. You can see a great difference between his “normal” view of insecurity and curiosity; and his attempt to ‘break’ that being in-character. I have never seen such a talent in acting. Especially considering that this is a TV show and not a Hollywood blockbuster or indie art house film. I wonder how he’d tackle new and different characters.

+ Writing. Awesome.

Writing is – most of the time – at least consistent. Shows like Supernatural or The Flash have always consistent writing. Most of the, I don’t want to say mediocre, but simply normal. (However you wanna interpret this.) But Monk never lets a character being off or off beat. Randy Disher is always a bit plain, Captain Stottlemeyer stern and sturdy. And Monk is always a living tragedy who can’t get over his insecurities and phobias. Even when the situation purely demands it. The writers managed to keep it awesome throughout the entire run. What I really aspire.

+/- Cases. Great.

This is a bit ambiguous. The first cases, maybe the first twenty or thirty, were much better than the ones that came later. Here falls the writing a bit apart. The attention to detail was much more focused and given. Later on it was simply stumbling through the plot and then there was a ‘how it happened’. One of the first cased made a runner fake running a marathon by sticking the chip to a bike. Awesome. Later on, there was a man shredded by a trash compactor/machine and that was brutal and lame. It simply got worse after each episode. (I could determine a bad plot by correctly predicting what would happen.) For example: Mr Monk Buys a House. I knew they were looking for something. 

– Assistants. Why.

First Monk had Sharona. Who got angry with him, quit her job, threatened to quit a lot. Throughout the series I never really understood why he needed help. Because of tissues? He can buy groceries, he can cook, okay he can’t ride a car or use public transport. But that is all. A sidekick for the sake of a sidekick is boring. Maybe she needed to help him with formulars, or help him with his daily life. It may had a reason, but I probably didn’t get it. The same for the therapy. In Season 8 it is stated he had therapy for more than 10 years. Without any improvement of his conditions? Why is that? It doesn’t seem very useful. And the dialogue between Monk and first Chuck, then Neven, is not adding something useful to the plot. I didn’t care.

Bottom line: Tony Shalhoub should get another gig like Monk. 

N.E.T. #1 Article (Neutral) – On Air Channel Umbra

Channel Umbra is the most popular and most watched television channel in the NEU. It has a reach of more than 1 billion households. Current president is a man named Stanley Marten who got the job after the former president died of an heart attack. Stanley is well known for his super serious attitude that earned him the monicer ‘Serious Stan’. 

It has no 24/7 cycle like other television channels people knew before the world had been united. It airs for 12 hourse during the day and reruns the next 12 hours. The channe calls its program ‘Slottery’. Which comes from the business term ‘slot’ for the actual program and ‘lottery’ for its daily presentation of the several global lotteries. Most people presume that’s where their most viewers come from. But that is not true. 

Most vievers are gained by the six o’clock news hosted by Lea Swan. (Nominated for ‘World’s Sexiest Woman Alive’ for four times.) You may assume they report crimes and tragedies. That is not the case. The six o’clock news have a tedency to report progressivenes. Things like science and social developments. People watch it to get positive input and and because ‘people demand progress.’ 

All goods things aside, Channel Umbra had some issues and even a scandal. One issue was the case of a constant technicle issues because, as the president stated: “The technicicans were damn lazy.” These issues resulted in blackouts, data loss and constant nagging from employees. They fired the supervisor and had to buy an entirely new equipement. 

An entire scandal was the leak of corrupt board members who took donated money, which came in via a marathon, and spending it on a frivole trip to an Asian country where one board member had sex, got a STD, and then had sex with an intern. It was an outrage that resulted in a loss of several thousands of viewers each month. 

Main attraction next to Lea Swan is a man names Seamus Shean. His show To Reach, To Preach, To Teach is a mixture of preaching things like progress and thinking, to reach out to youngsters to reject drugs and to teach things like manners and techniques. It basically a Sesame Street for grown ups. Seamus takes great pride in his role and is known for arrogance and narcissism. He may appear as a nice uncle, though, he just plays a role.

Super Detective: Chapter 6 – Sharp Minds


Miles Miller travelled the Route 99. By foot. 


There is an old investigator in town. An urban legend known as ‘Urban L’ made its round as the first investigator in New Berlin. He was called this way because he only commanded detective through a computer in reminiscence to L from the Japanese manga ‘Death Note’. There was once a picture on the web dubbed ‘Kira’ which showed a man in a blue overall kneeling above a corpse. It turned out it was only a fake.

His reputation exceeded. And for every one who loves you; one begins to hate you. Many people like the idea of an unknown and highly intelligent individual spreading justice. Yet, many were annoyed by his tendency to be overly commanding and being overly dramtic. He was no saint. His – indeed – way of doing things made him an ambigous and even more popular person. 

His first case was called the ‘Rocky Port Incident’. Rocky Port is the name of the harbor in New Berlin. The first victim was an illegal immigrant being shipped within a container. It turned out he was the son of a rich family who tried to escape its shackles. Only due to Urban L its investigations, the details came out. Although many branded him an idiot for being so careless with official investigatory information.

Many believe him to be an old person since he stopped investigating after a few years. He only left a letter he sent to a newspaper in town. He excused his actions and kind of acting and tried to be a good person. Even though many thought it was only a bit publicity. (No one actually believed him to be a good person.) His last case was a dead gardener and he had to bribe an officer for more information. But that was kept secret.

His fate is unknown. Many believe him to be dead. Other believed he left the country. Many conspiracy theories spread like wildfire. Him being a physically handicapped person or a mentally ill person. No one has ever heard for him ever again. His life was a mystrery. And so, was his departure. 

What is N.E.T.?

What is N.E.T.? It stands for Nicely Elaborated Tid-Bits and add extra information on characters, locations and institution within the NEU. Enjoy wise knowledge or funny trivia.

There are four categories.

The first is ‘Article’ which is, well, an article

The second is ‘Character Profile’, which is, well, a character profile.

The third is ‘Did you know?’, which is, well, trivia.

The fourth is ‘Creator’s Notes’, which is, well, the N. Burg’s personal notes regarding his works.