The Question Marked #3: Novels

Sandy: You sometimes express your dislike for novels. You find them often boring and dready. Could you explain it a bit for our readers? Burg: Well. (Coughs.) I think novels, or being a novelist, is the most common medium for most people getting creative or trying creative writing. Not that I don’t like that! IContinue reading “The Question Marked #3: Novels”

The Question Marked #2: Unique Perspective

Sandy: What do you mean you offer a “unique perspective”? What do you think makes you so ‘special’? N. Burg: Okay, okay. I admit it sounds a bit over-the-top. What I actually meant was my personal point of view. I would not consider myself a nihilist; but I kinda do … actually. I see noContinue reading “The Question Marked #2: Unique Perspective”