Super Detective: Chapter 4 – The Case of Madam Eis, Part 1

Trivia The Hillsight View Agency has a yearly cost of 224.000 Ameros. The Art of Art New Berlin has a thriving urban street art scene. Even Banksy left behind a little piece. (Impressive considering his age.) The most known – and notorious – artist is an artist calling himself Shinski. But due to the internetContinue reading “Super Detective: Chapter 4 – The Case of Madam Eis, Part 1”

Super Detective – Chapter 3: The Hard Way

Trivia #3 AI is restricted by an M-Chip. The M stands for ‘moral’. N.E.T. Article #3 The Mystery of Colleague Nr. 3 Miles Miller started to work for the Hillsight View Ageny in 2044. And worked there for two years. He had a pretty good time and enjoyed his job a lot. Except someone heContinue reading “Super Detective – Chapter 3: The Hard Way”

Super Detective – Chapter 2: The Case of the Mummy

Trivia #2 Stop the Light was inspired by One Piece, while Super Detective was inspired by Case Closed. N.E.T. Article #2 – Hillsight View Agency The Hillsight View Agency was started by Arthur Hillsight. (He added a ‘View’ to it in order to have a little play on words.) The Agency was started in 2042Continue reading “Super Detective – Chapter 2: The Case of the Mummy”