N.E.T. #6 Article (Neutral) – Vika Street, Skylake, 5 a.m.

Oh, Vika Street. Beloved and despised in almost every possible way. Vika Street is the most western street, near the multicopter services and the elevators. But why is it so beloved? An insomiac / musician begins to play at this time. He tries to sleep, fails and begins to play on his instruments. Which areContinue reading “N.E.T. #6 Article (Neutral) – Vika Street, Skylake, 5 a.m.”

N.E.T. #5 Article (Neutral) – Top 5 streets in First Urban

The latest survey for ‘the happy First Urban citizen’ asked for the top 5 streets, Here are the results. Rank 5: Vika Street Named after Vika Street, Skylake, it is has to most dense concentration of fast food places. McDonald’s and Burger King aren’t the big places though. The French Fry offers the best frenchContinue reading “N.E.T. #5 Article (Neutral) – Top 5 streets in First Urban”

N.E.T. #4 Article (Neutral) – Building First Urban

First Urban is New York City’s sixth burrough. The full name is First Urban’s Steel District.(But everyone just says First Urban.) It was conceived a ‘perfect suburban area’ by the World Government. It had to be built becase New York City got overpopulated. This happened because New York in 2050 is still the ‘most greatestContinue reading “N.E.T. #4 Article (Neutral) – Building First Urban”

N.E.T. #3 Article (Neutral) – Tweet Tweet Crow Industries

Crow Industries is NEU its leading tech corporation on the fields A.I., semiconductrors, smart technology and software. Their most popular product are so-called ‘wrist watchers.’ These are AI’s encased in wrist watches. It has a patent on it. A wrist watcher costs 50.549 Amero. Why is it so expensive? Because of its self-made AI software.Continue reading “N.E.T. #3 Article (Neutral) – Tweet Tweet Crow Industries”

N.E.T. #1 Article (Neutral) – On Air Channel Umbra

Channel Umbra is the most popular and most watched television channel in the NEU. It has a reach of more than 1 billion households. Current president is a man named Stanley Marten who got the job after the former president died of an heart attack. Stanley is well known for his super serious attitude thatContinue reading “N.E.T. #1 Article (Neutral) – On Air Channel Umbra”

What is N.E.T.?

What is N.E.T.? It stands for Nicely Elaborated Tid-Bits and add extra information on characters, locations and institution within the NEU. Enjoy wise knowledge or funny trivia. There are four categories. The first is ‘Article’ which is, well, an article The second is ‘Character Profile’, which is, well, a character profile. The third is ‘DidContinue reading “What is N.E.T.?”