Just One Thought: China’s atom bomb

If you’re an educated person who reads and spreads his wings to reach out for new horizons, or you just happened to watch Last Week Tonight (doesn’t matter), you are aware of the new social score system in China. And if you don’t do: Educate yourself. It is very important to know about such developments.Continue reading “Just One Thought: China’s atom bomb”

Just One Thought: China studies

To make one thing clear from the start: I do not like the people’s republic of China. Why you may ask? Because it is not a democracy. Because it is a dictatorship. Because it censors its press and internet. Because it executes innocent people. (The actual number of executions is unknown. NGO’s assume it’s aContinue reading “Just One Thought: China studies”

Just One Thought: Legalize it

I think that legalizing weed is surrendering. The only reason this disgusting drug is legalized because our countries cannot educate and prevent enough. No. Wrong. I mean it is true. But there is another reason: Money. Just because you can make a lot of money from it; losers can smoke that terrible, terrible drug. WhyContinue reading “Just One Thought: Legalize it”

Just One Thought: Have you ever stopped to notice

People join gangs. They go to war. They command drones. They’re imprisoned in labor camps. People are suppressed, prosecuted, gagged. They’re being executed. They do drugs. They kill animals on safaris. They destroy the environment for resources. They troll people on social media. They protest. They eat too much and exercise too little. What theseContinue reading “Just One Thought: Have you ever stopped to notice”

Just One Thought: The cold rises

A German woman writing for ‘Der Spiegel’ said – not word for word, or in itself – that the aggressive and disrespectful behavior on the internet affects people in real life to become as aggressive and disrespectful as people on the internet. She did not say it, this was my conclusion. And it blew myContinue reading “Just One Thought: The cold rises”

Just One Thought: A farewell to gaming

The following blog post almost breaks my heart. I may overexertion, but… it kinda does. I’ve been a gamer since I first saw my grandmother playing Doctor Mario on the NES. She had a NES and introduced me to the medium. My first game was Kirby’s Adventure. (Also for the NES.) I grew up withContinue reading “Just One Thought: A farewell to gaming”

Just One Thought: Regarding refugees

The way Europe is dealing with refuges in one word? Embarrassing. Europe is supposed to be a safe haven of human rights, of justice and dignity. It seems this only counts for actual Europeans. Every refugee trying to participate gets pushed back. Either back into their respected countries or in inhumane camps where people liveContinue reading “Just One Thought: Regarding refugees”

Just One Thought: Thanks!

I just wanted to thank our sponsor for a change. I mean, they fuel wars, conflicts, destroy the environment and make mass shootings possible. And every useful idiot is helping them. (Intentionally or unintentionally.) I mean, every problem we face as a species is coming from capitalism. But simply bashing capitalism would not do itContinue reading “Just One Thought: Thanks!”

Just One Thought: Microsoft v. Apple

Oh, boy. I always wanted to own a MacBook Air since its release. I never thought I’d own a Mac at some point. (Mostly due to being underage and broke.) But now I got a job, and a regular paycheck, and I can buy things now. (Hooray.) Ho-hum. I usually avoid buying luxury items forContinue reading “Just One Thought: Microsoft v. Apple”