Ghostwords #4: Tap the mind to sap the heart

Listen to your heart Listen to it good Find a meaning in your life Live intended as you should Tap the mind  To overpower your dwelling emotions Be friendly and kind Your mind masters the way And crosses all intersections Both are a duo Are a way to a way Only to find meaning  OneContinue reading “Ghostwords #4: Tap the mind to sap the heart”

Ghostwords #2: Lift Me Up

My mind floats My hairs is waving My hands shake My heart is dancing – The beauty of life is its simplicity Its beauty prevails The beauty of God is its complexity Its beauty never derails – When we walk the path to wisdom Then we accept stick and stone When we walk the pathContinue reading “Ghostwords #2: Lift Me Up”

Ghostwords #1: In Between

In between the sheets  In between two hearts In between the seats In between two cards The right day on the wrong foot The perfect way no matter how long it took The one decision to make it all look good The last mission to make the world go shook A round bubble to makeContinue reading “Ghostwords #1: In Between”