Depth Note – Interactive Storytelling

Ask me about my anti-idiot agenda. Interactive Storytelling – The Unfulfilled Rise  N. „Guden“ Burg BioShock. Metal Gear Solid. Half-Life. Portal. WarCraft. Majora’s Mask. Grand Theft Auto. Red Dead Redemption. Batman: Arkham trilogy.That’s it. What do all these franchises in common. They represent the rare occasion, where good storytelling did not contradict good gameplay. ThereContinue reading “Depth Note – Interactive Storytelling”

Depth Note – Nintendo

Hello. Nintendo – From Childhood to Adulthood written by N. „Guten Tag“ Burg  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarin of Time. Aahhh … this brings back memories. We all remember our childhood. We remember the lightheartedness, our favorite toys, a harmless and innocent time. For my part, I owned the local skate park, rode my bikeContinue reading “Depth Note – Nintendo”