P.O.V.: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Did I like it?Not at all. I’ve heard all the critics and knew of all criticisms. But my father and I watch all superhero movies regarding the criticism. And I was as disappointed as everyone else. Little to no exposition, confusing characters (and their decisions;andtheir fate.) Lack of focus, lack of directionalContinue reading “P.O.V.: X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

Die (BlaBla-)Republik

Talk-Shows sind nicht das Problem. Diskurs ebenfalls nicht. Es sind nichtmal die Demonstrationen. (Egal, von welcher Seite.) Es sind nicht die Wahlveranstaltungen oder die Parteitage. Das Reden ist im Endeffekt nur das Hintergrundrauschen einer Demokratie. Es ist allgegenwärtig, vielfältig und nötig, um die Leute interessiert und aktiv zu halten. Alle schön und gut. Das eigentlicheContinue reading “Die (BlaBla-)Republik”

P.O.V.: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Did I like it? Rated A for awesome. There it is. The big conclusion to the Infinity Saga and the end of Phase 3. And boy, it did not disappoint. It did Spider-Man a favor and delivered and very solid, above average movie. From the astonishing direction, to the phenomenal visual effects; it was aContinue reading “P.O.V.: Spider-Man: Far From Home”

The Federal Republic of Europe

I know what kind of EuropeI want. Social, liberal, progressive. I want a Europe with minimum wage, insurgence for everyone, approbiate welfare, no surveillance, no biometrical databanks, no FPR, no Swift, no European secret service. This is the roughest description of what Europe should look like. My favored Europe is a place where people are free,Continue reading “The Federal Republic of Europe”

The Question Marked #2: Unique Perspective

Sandy: What do you mean you offer a “unique perspective”? What do you think makes you so ‘special’? N. Burg: Okay, okay. I admit it sounds a bit over-the-top. What I actually meant was my personal point of view. I would not consider myself a nihilist; but I kinda do … actually. I see noContinue reading “The Question Marked #2: Unique Perspective”

Ghostwords #4: Tap the mind to sap the heart

Listen to your heart Listen to it good Find a meaning in your life Live intended as you should Tap the mind  To overpower your dwelling emotions Be friendly and kind Your mind masters the way And crosses all intersections Both are a duo Are a way to a way Only to find meaning  OneContinue reading “Ghostwords #4: Tap the mind to sap the heart”