N.E.T. #1 Article (Neutral) – On Air Channel Umbra

Channel Umbra is the most popular and most watched television channel in the NEU. It has a reach of more than 1 billion households. Current president is a man named Stanley Marten who got the job after the former president died of an heart attack. Stanley is well known for his super serious attitude thatContinue reading “N.E.T. #1 Article (Neutral) – On Air Channel Umbra”

Super Detective: Chapter 6 – Sharp Minds

Trivia Miles Miller travelled the Route 99. By foot.  Article There is an old investigator in town. An urban legend known as ‘Urban L’ made its round as the first investigator in New Berlin. He was called this way because he only commanded detective through a computer in reminiscence to L from the Japanese mangaContinue reading “Super Detective: Chapter 6 – Sharp Minds”

What is N.E.T.?

What is N.E.T.? It stands for Nicely Elaborated Tid-Bits and add extra information on characters, locations and institution within the NEU. Enjoy wise knowledge or funny trivia. There are four categories. The first is ‘Article’ which is, well, an article The second is ‘Character Profile’, which is, well, a character profile. The third is ‘DidContinue reading “What is N.E.T.?”