Die Definition von Heimat ist irrelevant

“I wish people would not give a damn about what country they were born in.” “I wünschte, dass niemanden interessiert in welchem Land er geboren wurde.” Hey, Die Definition von Heimat ist deswegen irrelevant, weil “die Heimat” vollkommen irrelevant ist. Klingt etwas simplifiziert, ist aber so. Ich habe die Debatte über Heimat jetzt schon sein […]

P.O.V.: MacGyver (2016) – Episodes 1-12

Did I like it? Yes. I have not seen the original series from the 80’s and I only know the stories my father told me about it. The big difference between both versions is that the 80’s show as about MacGyve as a lone wolf that is likable and charming. And the remake is about […]

Chapter 3: How Do Ashes Smell?

The presenter goes on stage. Listen carefully. Rise and shine, free man … rise and shine. Not that I imply you’ve been sleeping on the job. People wake up from a deep slumber. People pray … The cryptic metaphors are endless … None has seen the end. When you were plucked from earth People told […]