P.O.V.: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Did I like it?Big yes. I was skeptical. I only heard bad things from the critics. One compared it to a novel with too many open ends and others criticized it’s boring first act or even first half. I don’t understand those critique. I liked the charming first act and every character. I can’t believeContinue reading “P.O.V.: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

P.O.V.: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Did I like it?No. With an emphasize on ‘n’ and ‘o.’ Let’s break it down. Mediocre acting. Rather lame script. Half-way descent directing. Outstanding worldbuilding. All in all: A simply below average movie. Some called it unnecssary; some called it a Wookiepedia article coming to live. To be honest: It is a bit of both. Continue reading “P.O.V.: Solo: A Star Wars Story”

Super Detective: Chapter 1 – I’m Back

Trivia #1 N. Burg had Kaito Kid in mind while creating Super Detective. #1 New Berlin New Berlin has been created out of nowhere as a small “colony” for diplomats working for the World Government. It was intended as a small and cozy place for people to enjoy life next to the sea. Most ofContinue reading “Super Detective: Chapter 1 – I’m Back”