Depth Note – Interactive Storytelling

Ask me about my anti-idiot agenda. Interactive Storytelling – The Unfulfilled Rise  N. „Guden“ Burg BioShock. Metal Gear Solid. Half-Life. Portal. WarCraft. Majora’s Mask. Grand Theft Auto. Red Dead Redemption. Batman: Arkham trilogy.That’s it. What do all these franchises in common. They represent the rare occasion, where good storytelling did not contradict good gameplay. There […]

Just One Thought: Social media uprising and anti-social downfall

I watched a few YouTube videos I came across accidentally. They were talking about the topic of social media. I already expressed my opinion on that topic. But the video sparked a few flames. I go along with the notion that social media is a bad motor for our societies across the globe. It destroys […]