P.O.V.: Joker

Did I like?
A simple yes.

Joker is one of that movies I needed to see because there was so much buzz around it. Yes, the first trailer intriguied me. Yes, I found it fascinating. But I was also rather peculiar because I feared it would disturb me mentally and scar my soul. I am not a fan of extreme violence, even violence, or gore. I think Logan was the most brutal film I’ve ever seen. But since many pointed out how “harmless” it was, I had to see it. Plus I needed to convince my father to see it with me. Spoiler Alert: He did not like it. 

+ The Script

Dear Jesus. Intense. Subtle. Extreme. But also simple, tamed and without much direction. Some said it was just “a collection of scenes”. And it was … just that. I mean there was a red line going through the movie. The whole story arc of Joker – from loser to cherished psychopath – was told in exactly the right pace. I have never ever seen a better pacing of a movie. This must be due to the consistent script. The downfall of Arthur Fleck has been told with so much attention to detail, so much attention for characters; that it simple blew my mind.

+ The Scene(s)

Every. Scene. In every scene I could not wait the pay of i.e. knowing how things would turn out. Every new scene I watched from the edge of my seat and I wanted to know how this will turn out, how this progresses, how this will end up. And the tension rose with each scene since it got more “extreme” with each new scene. As a said in the foregoing section, I was impressed how expectations were turned and twisted each time. And never were able to anticipate how the thing will turn out. Im. Pres. Sive.

+ The Joker

Was this the best Joker? Better than Ledger? Surely better than Leto. This Joker was the exactly right version. It was the best adaptation of the comic book character since every version and movie he appeared him. He was this relentless, unnerving psychopath that had no moral compass or any empathy. There was even a scene, without spoiling much, where one person was trapped with him in a room. And that represents Joker. You never know how he will react, how will he turn out to be. This Joker was like every comic book reader should wanted him to be.

– The Score

The most dullest, boring and simplest score ever. There were like three different version of the main sound and it repeated every five minute. There was no dynamic or tension in it after a while. You knew it would get louder, then quieter, then louder again. There was not much to work with in terms of anticipation of the music. Usually the score elevates the story and helps build tension and drama. If it repeats every five minutes – there is none of it. Too bad.

Bottom line: I wish I could write such good scripts.

Rudy’s Rating: SchuG (Did not like it. Regretted buying ticket.)


I’d like to introduce a new ranking system for the five things I care about most in movie making.

Ranking System


1 Lowsy 

2 Average

3 Decent

4 Superb

5 Kick-ass (X)


1 Blunt

2 Bad

3 Watchable

4 Great (X)

5 Diamond-cut


1 Needed a new draft

2 Needed to be rewritten

3 Well written

4 Awesome

5 Unmatched (X)


1 Helpless

2 Nice try

3 Formidable

4 Knows how (X)

5 Spielberg-style


1 Unworthy

2 Fine

3 Good

4 Masterclass

5 Oscar-worty (X)

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