Super Detective: Chapter 7 – The Case on Lookout Hill, Part 1

Chapter 7 (Trivia)

Miles celebrates Christmas with Cross and Tess and gifts them a rare and tasty new sweet he ordered from his source in Atlantis.

Chapter 7 (Article): Runner Nine-Nine

New Berlin is not a dystopian city by any means. The surveillance was kept minimal. Only a few cameras. But more patrols though. It is a fairly safe city and many enjoy that. But no city is free of crime. But that is not the topic today. Most people used to use biker messenger. The ones who’d bicycled through the city and almost crashed with taxis. Many relied on it. Until Runner Nine-Nine entered the scene. 

He does not bike, he runs. Camouflaged as a jogger he deliver highly confidential stuff between companies, agencies and offices. He is part mystery and part celebrity. Runner Nine-Nine has his own social media channels and spreads his life. But not openly, but behind an alias. And so Benedict Threebean became Runner Nine-Nine. (The Nine-Nine refers to Route 99.)

His first popularity spread wide was a run at the New Berlin marathon, where he won. For security reasons he wore a mask all the time during the run. A post on social media made him publicly known. And then his popularity rose. From one-thousand to almost one-million followers. People cannot get enough from him. Mostly because of his sarcastic and hilarity behavior.

Many people wondered why Runner Nine-Nine does not appear publicly. He excused it with privacy reasons. But it is actually for his client its privacy. (As said before.) He delivers organs, samples, designs or even money. He disguises so good – and so effectively – that no one ever was able to identify him. Not even with this social media. Which gave him an aura of mystery and a tint of being a loner.

In private he lives with his girlfriend Francine and resides in Bleeker Street 89. Some believe he comes to the Sanctuary because some thought they’d remember and identify his voice. (Most of it was false though.) His apartment is only visible for clients who know a little secret: a scar on his finger. A new client has to know where it is and is then accepted. No one ever found out who he is. And Runner Nine-Nine is very proud of it. 

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