N.E.T. #5 Article (Neutral) – Top 5 streets in First Urban

The latest survey for ‘the happy First Urban citizen’ asked for the top 5 streets, Here are the results.

Rank 5: Vika Street

Named after Vika Street, Skylake, it is has to most dense concentration of fast food places. McDonald’s and Burger King aren’t the big places though. The French Fry offers the best french fries and My Thai offers the most delicious Asian food.Sengo-ku, Japanese, had several scandals revolving hygene and ended up being close. 

Rank 4: Microsoft Street

It is the street surrounding the Microsoft Building. Known for its parks and redwood trees dubbed Redmonders. People enjoy the music of registered musicians performing on smaller stages scattered around the area. 

Rank 3: Rochu Street

A federal ministry of the World Government is located here. It has a plaza behind it where people are allowed to bath in a fountain. (The summer is the favorite time of course.)

Rank 2: Misenial Street

The entertainment street. Cinemas, theaters, arcades; all in one street. Immensly popular by tweens, youngsters and young adults alike. 

Rank 1: Fieldway

The area surrounding northern, western and eastern area of First Urban. Liked for its cycling and walking routes. It has a certain ‘natural atmosphere’ to it and is known for its diverse and lush wildlife. Pure nature and its finest.

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