P.O.V.: Harry Potter Heptalogy

Did I like it?

Read all 7 books, so yeah,

Harry Potter is a fictional world I solely admire for its creativity, quirkiness, originality, freshness and simply its storytelling. It has a dangerous and vast world. A perfectly written antagonist. And a lot of likeable and lovable characters. JK Rowling has a good sense for characters and relationships. For MacGuffins and magical objects. From the Horcrux to the Vanishing Cabinet, from the Portkey to Floo Power; this is my rundown on the books. 

+ Tom Riddle

Wow. What a mind twisting made up. The books go way more into detail than the movies. (I saw the movies first before reading the books.) The way his family is being explained, how it is mentioned how handsome and charming he was before becoming Lord Voldemort. The way his relationships are being described. This is the most detailed, complex and realistic characterization of a villain ever. Not even Death Note or One Piece come close to this. The character Lord Voldemort should be taken as example for aspiring writers to analyze and adapt in order to learn it how is done. Masterclass: Writing by JK Rowling plz. 

+ A truly magical world

The world of Harry Potter is simply amazing. Diagon Alley, Azkaban, the Ministry. Such a detailed and complex world has yet to meet a rival . It doesn’t go into big, broad ideas. No. It rather takes small ideas and details it even further. Like Diagon Alley and its stores. Which all have names and histories, then added were owners and their history. I have never seen or know such a detailed world. Other stories thrive for practical and story-related progress. A sword become stronger, an ability becomes better. The Wizarding World simply loves to have a small set of very varied and detailed, well, details.

+/- Unrealistic Realism

Harry Potter is a relatable and realistic characters. He hates ‘A History of Magic’, dislikes homework and despises Prof. Snape. He experiences school like we all did in our Muggle world. He is not a perfect A student, he has insecurities and shortcomings, he has to deal with obstacles. He dives into the magical world like we do as the reader. (Others mentioned it too. Why not me also?) The problem are the Dursleys. Not even a mad man would treat a person like this. I found it was simply too much. The whole dislike for all things magical; fine. But he simply wanted to evade all possible punishment. The Dursley almost were looking for reasons to punish him. I didn’t like it. 

– Uselessness

The only thing I did not like were certain aspects that were rather useless. As I said, I watched the movies before and always thought: Ron is a such a useless character. The books were not better either. It had so many characters that were only mentioned or not even developed. Like Neville, Draco, Seamus, Dean. Draco for example. He is simply a bully that shows up for a few pages each book. You could do so much more with these characters. Make them friends, then enemies, then victims, then let then develop own plot points and plot lines. It is sadly a waste of time.

Bottom line: Average writing. Terrific storytelling.

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