N.E.T. #4 Article (Neutral) – Building First Urban

First Urban is New York City’s sixth burrough. The full name is First Urban’s Steel District.(But everyone just says First Urban.) It was conceived a ‘perfect suburban area’ by the World Government. It had to be built becase New York City got overpopulated. This happened because New York in 2050 is still the ‘most greatest city in the world.’ 

Construction began in July 2032. The architect was a man named Igor Groczesky, Russian. His fondess for glass and steel gave the First Urban’s Steel Distrtict its name. First apartments had roughly 42qm and cost 670 Amero rent. Critics got louder and louder and deemd the ‘luxury for all’, claimed by the World Government, as ‘luxury for few.’ 

Center of First Urban is the Microsoft Building. Microsoft relocated its headquarters due to subsidy and tax cuts from the New York state. It got a five-hundred meter ring around its building which many citizens use to relax and play softball. Yet they’re problems. The building casts shadows onto certain apartments and they had to reduce the rent to even the circumstances.

Most popular area in First Urban is at the northern border, almost out of NYC. A spa city named ‘La Relaxante Ville’. It is French for ‘The Relaxing City.’ A French busines man is the mayor and he has a distaste for chewing gum which made him ban it in the entire city. The least popular place is Westways and Linsk. Homeless people gather in the local subway station. Politics tried to solve the problem and the only thing they did was opening up a homeless shelter. (People still want a proper solution.)

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