Spotlight: Impeachment

I think everything has been said. Trump was so smart to make a call in public where everything can – and has been – heard. (Stable genius at work.) I don’t have much to add to what these thing became and will become. Most speak out against him, some will not recall, the Republicans do what they can to keep him in power; the usual clusterfuck. What irks me the most was the treatment of Trump the past few years since his election. I think we’ve all did it wrong. We should have been way more critical with him that making fun of him. But I put things up front.

Let’s talk how we treated him. Mostly by either ridicule him; or on the other hand trying to make sense of him. Two ways which were doomed to fail. Trump is the topic of every Late Show since his election. And don’t get me wrong! I watch every show of it. Too bad this distracts from his disastrous policies, decrees and acts. He did a lot of stuff. He signed a lot of stuff. (Not many that I actually know. I am honest.) But most of the time it was only a small headline: “Trump signs (XYZ) thing.” And that’s it. Or we simply made fun of him. (And boy we had fun.)

I think we’ve had damaged him way more by analyzing and deducting his actions more rational and less ridiculing. No, we cannot turn his followers against him. (This would surely fail.) But we could fight him with logic. With a rationale. This way we’d had him cornered with no way of evading. Yes, he would simply yell: “Fake news!” But he is the president. He cannot hide forever. At one point his facade would crumble and make the world see what he truly is: a seventy-three years five year old.

We should re-think our strategy when he may or may not re-elected. He thinks he can get away with everything. And the only that backup his “ideals” (he has no) are his rallies where he can rant and spit and shout like a small kid. (Or hump a flag.) We need to get him where it hurts the most: his ego. When we deflect childishness with pure maturity. (Which means “normal” for us normally intelligent people.) His way of thinking needs to exposed. (Even though he does not think.) If you have to make fun of him: don’t make fun of his antics; make fun of his politics.

Donald Trump is one of the many right-wing politicians currently invading our Western democracies. But the US has its constitution, checks and balances, and the amendments. It cannot be broken by one idiotic president. We need to grab him by his tiny balls and drag him into the real world. We should not feel intimidated because he is the president. We should feel encouraged to to what’s right for every democrat: defend our democratic ideals. Trump is an idiot. The rest of the world is not. And he should feel the burn.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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