POP!: Broken Bridges – Diablo IV

Diablo has been defeated. Peace has been restored to the lands of Sanctuary. The angels returned to the heavens and the demos have been banished. What could come next? Simply repeating the formula? A new Diablo? An old Diablo newly emerging? No. Even though it is called “Diablo”, the enemy is not Diablo himself. It is simply his soul. Damaged and wounded, Diablo retreated to his home – hell – and is plotting to rage across the lands once more. I am your Narrative Consultant.

The game begins with a cinematic of Lea writing down a book of the events of Diablo 3 and its Add-On. She monologues about her fight and the struggle to defeat Diablo. Then, it is a bright and shiny day, she hears a voice yelling. She approaches the window to see her husband Luke doing some yardwork. Both chit chat a bit as her eyes become pitch black for a brief moment. Then turn back to normal. Luka asks “Leah? You okay?” She replies with a yes. Then she hears a voice saying “I am … immortal. Bound to this world …” And she scares. She rushes to her bookshelf and tries to find a spell. Then Luke scares. She rushes back to the window, seeing a demon attacking Luke. She casts a spell and defeats it. She approaches Luke who asks “back in the days, huh?”. Leah summons a portal and both enter it. The cutscene ends.

Now we change to bird’s perspective. Where they are hidden in a cellar. A General explains that demons have been sighted across Sanctuary. A nearby soldier, an unnamed person who is going to be the played, is being asked to investigate. And so, the game begins. The first Level is called Fields of Wishes, a small field of wheat and apple trees. He follows the trails of demon’s blood and finds a small egg. Then, all of a sudden, a mysterious voice calling himself Demonica states that “the king will live forever. Bound to this world. Bow down to your new master!” And the egg hatches a small demon. The player is riddled and doesn’t know how to react, as a portal appears and Leah enters through it, the former little demon grows int a huge Diablo. The heaven casts a light, but the player and Leah flee through a portal. A few angels come down and fight the Diablo and defeating him, leaving him weakened, leaving with a warning line that goes by “Do not disturb the Godly ways!” The earth begins to shake and a huge crater appears and the land is flooded by demons once more. Diablo flees into the abyss. We CUT TO: the hometown, which is overrun by demons. Leah and Luke flee to retrieve “a very special artifact” and the player has to defeat the incoming demon horde. This is Level 2: The Town of Blight.

As the player defeats the last enemy, a small wisp-like soul emerges from the ground, it explains to be the fragment of the Diablo its soul, being able “to bring all evil to life”. It leaves into the distance, making more demons enter the town. The player leaves the town and arrives in Level 3: The Blackwidow Marsh. Here the player finds an old dagger, which is made from a finger of Diablo itself. The player has to purify it in order for it to use. Then he descends into the depths, finding an old temple, the player has win a small mini game in order to cleanse it. He succeeds and has a new weapon which can be attached to all given items the player has proceeding the game. The player leaves the Marsh for Level 4: Twin Spires.

Twin Spires are two big spires the player has to ascend in order to make contact with heaven in order to ask for help. On Spire I, he finds an infant angel named Ludiael, who claims “that all angels are in fear. Living a life in terror”. The player has to win another mini game and gets a small blessing that increases gained experience and deals more damage. Atop of Spire I awaits an Guardian Angel, which says he “cannot let unholy beings enter the gates of Heaven”. It comes to a fight. The player wins and gets teleported back to the entrance. Now he has to ascend Spire II, here he finds a “confused demon” who thinks he is an holy angel. The demon brags a bit about hell and Diablo, that “not all demons are created equal”. He vanishes into nowhere. Atop of Spire II awaits another Guardian Angel. At first it comes to a fight, at second the player has to solve three easy riddles. Afterwards the player enters Heaven; Level 5.

In Level 5: Heaven. Nothing is the same anymore. No holy architecture or bright, wide lights. It is a dreary, shadowy and dark place. (Almost like New York City.) Angels have lost their Holy Halo and are merely a bit stronger humans. The first level is overrun by demons and the player has to defeat them. The bossfight is against a demon dubbed “The Mauler”. He tells that “Diablo is rallying its troops and forces”. He is being defeated and the angel Tyrael appears, bringing everyone into safety. A small place called “The Enclave” represents the last forces of heaven, and that “all hope is lost. Diablo will win”. Then an attack occurs and the player enters Level 6: Broken Heaven.

It is basically an attack and the player has to defeat them. The bossfight is against “Diablo’s Phantom”, a shadow of Diablo who says he “cannot enter as of now”. Heaven is lost and all the forces who are left bring themselves into safety to Sanctuary. To a place called “The Light House”. A gigantic manor of holy artifacts and beings. Leah and Luke are already there. The player, Tyrael and the them talk a bit. Tyrael mentions and artifact known as “Speer of Michael”. It is said to be able to defeat Diablo and destroy his soul. All agree to search for it. And another attack breaks loose! This enters Level 7: The Light House Gardens.

The player defeats them all and enters the next Level. Level 8: The Ponds of Reflection. Here a lot of reflection of dead people and their souls roam the place. Enemies are not classical demons but pixies, fairies, water elementals and zombies (that don’t look like zombies). Here, the player has to find four little “Shard of the Broken Mirror” in order to restore the “Soul of Michael’s Speer”. The player succeeds and has to fight the “King of Shades”, a ghostly and shadowy figure. The soul is restored and Michael speaks from “an unknown and weird place he has no description of”. Michael says he is bound to a place called “Forest of Darkness”. The player enters the next level. Level 9: Forest of Darkness.

On this level, a lot of insects, birds, deer and ghosts attack the player. After reaching Michael’s place he is bound to; Diablo’s soul appears and kills Michael in front of their eyes. Then he escapes. And Michael’s last words are “find my … sister”. And Michael dies. The player only has his blessed soul left. All return to Luke and Leah. The player, Tyrael and the other two debate who his sister could be. Tyrael remembers. It is an entity known as “Guardian One”. An angel with much more power than ordinary angels. But the records and accords have no ideas where it could be. Then! Suddenly, Luke is being possessed by Diablo, who announces that “I am coming … Beware!”. And all hope is lost …

CUT TO: A woman fighting demons in “A far away part of Sanctuary”. The player switches the places and plays as this woman with unique abilities and one-liners. She defeats the last demon and meets a being called “The Prince of the Dark”. Both talk a bit, then a bossfight occurs. She defeats him and the player hears Michael’s voice, which says “Go to Leah … Find her …” And she finds her. She arrives at Leah’s place and all agree to find the Speer. Which the woman knows of its place. She is being asked what her name is, she replies “Maryarel, Guardian One”.

The tenth Level begins. Level 10: The Long Road to Somewhere. It is basically an seemingly endless road with hordes of demons and “The Gatekeeper” who, after being defeated, opens the gate to Level 11: Somewhere. It is a flippy, weird place with weird colors, rainbows, black streams and shady, blackened demons. They find the Speer and infuse it with his soul. Then! Diablo opens up a rift to Hell and we enter the last level. Level 12: Hell.

The player has to descend three layers, with weird whispers accompanying him throughout the level. Tyrael, Luke, Leah and Mayarael are caged. The endboss fight begins. The player defeats Diablo, destroys his soul and the end cutscene is being played. It shows Diablo being taken out of existence; including his soul. All demons in all Sanctuary disappear. Heaven returns to his former glory and and a happy, little rainbow indicates and end of the war. Luke and Leah become parents. We show their happy life. 

Credits roll.

The End.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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