N.E.T. #3 Article (Neutral) – Tweet Tweet Crow Industries

Crow Industries is NEU its leading tech corporation on the fields A.I., semiconductrors, smart technology and software. Their most popular product are so-called ‘wrist watchers.’ These are AI’s encased in wrist watches. It has a patent on it. A wrist watcher costs 50.549 Amero. Why is it so expensive? Because of its self-made AI software. This software allows human brain-like intelligence on a semiconductor. And you need to pay for this. (Former versions needed supecomputers. Just for comparison.)

The patent for ultraphone came from a joint venture with Intel. Which had the trademark for the term ‘ultrabook.’ Ultraphones have features like budget AI, 3D holo projection technology and 3D without glasses. The chip was named ‘Martha3D’, after Thelesis mother. The 3D stands for: Diversity, Divine, Dragnet. Dragnet is a services by Crow Industries. 

Founder Thelesis Crow lived in Silicon Valley where he started his first company called ‘Tweet Tweet.’ It crashed and burn after several years of making minus. He settled in Delaware and started ‘Crow Industries’ with his idea for an AI program. He took students from a university, who were working in a team, and paid them the rest of his money to develop his idea for an AI. It became a huge success an he hired them after their degree. And these AI’s are globally known and used. (Spectrum County is the only place where AI is more developed.) Crow Industries is known for very late bugfixing. It can takes years. One bug ended up making the AI calling its owner ‘master.’ Later it became an optional feature. 

Thelisis is the archetype of a billionaire. He is a genius, philanthropist and playboy. His endeavor for curing diseases made him popular. His hunting the most hated person in the world. Not much known is his secret mental illness. He has borderline and tries to hide it as good as he can. A hacker named ‘BeagleBite’ wanted to blackmail him by publishing it. He agreed and paid the 100.000 Amero.

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