N.E.T: #2 Article (Neutral) – Behind Cherry Cola

A popular beverage, which appears in almost every installment, is Cherry Cola. First of all: It is not affiliated with Coca Cola. (Or Dr. Pepper.) Cherry Cola is a subsidary of Sweet Swede. It has a strong note of cherry. (Hence the name.) But there is a little twist. A certain ingridient, which is unknown to the public, adds a certain feeling of sour-ness while gulping. 

The founder was the best friend of Sweet Swede’s founder Jens Gjulsen, Thore Lensskir. His reputation of a fun loving, carefree and kind attitude made him ‘the most popular boss in the world’ by the GQ magazine. His assistant, a woman named Shirley, called him the ‘funniest moron alive.’ (Which was a joke of course.)

The headquarters are located in the Bronx, New York City. The Bronx has been cleaned up and freed from crime to attract more corporations to this part of NYC. (Since most are located in Manhatten. But space became rare.) It’s 2212 Ferrington Street. It is located in the Gigalith Building. (Which is known for a pesty rat problem.) 

Another reason for its popularity may also its slogans and ad campaigns. With the slogan ‘Enjoy a Lifetime’ and an ad campaign ran by a popular actress, they managed a breakthrough in the bracket of 49 and older. They also spent money on senior residency with providing free Cherry Cola for its residents. What ended up in a jurisitcal disasters. (Because the World Government did not like to see elderly consuming so much sugar.) Cherry Cola has to provide a sugar-free version. Sadly, it was not in their product line-up.

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