N.E.T. #1 Article (Neutral) – On Air Channel Umbra

Channel Umbra is the most popular and most watched television channel in the NEU. It has a reach of more than 1 billion households. Current president is a man named Stanley Marten who got the job after the former president died of an heart attack. Stanley is well known for his super serious attitude that earned him the monicer ‘Serious Stan’. 

It has no 24/7 cycle like other television channels people knew before the world had been united. It airs for 12 hourse during the day and reruns the next 12 hours. The channe calls its program ‘Slottery’. Which comes from the business term ‘slot’ for the actual program and ‘lottery’ for its daily presentation of the several global lotteries. Most people presume that’s where their most viewers come from. But that is not true. 

Most vievers are gained by the six o’clock news hosted by Lea Swan. (Nominated for ‘World’s Sexiest Woman Alive’ for four times.) You may assume they report crimes and tragedies. That is not the case. The six o’clock news have a tedency to report progressivenes. Things like science and social developments. People watch it to get positive input and and because ‘people demand progress.’ 

All goods things aside, Channel Umbra had some issues and even a scandal. One issue was the case of a constant technicle issues because, as the president stated: “The technicicans were damn lazy.” These issues resulted in blackouts, data loss and constant nagging from employees. They fired the supervisor and had to buy an entirely new equipement. 

An entire scandal was the leak of corrupt board members who took donated money, which came in via a marathon, and spending it on a frivole trip to an Asian country where one board member had sex, got a STD, and then had sex with an intern. It was an outrage that resulted in a loss of several thousands of viewers each month. 

Main attraction next to Lea Swan is a man names Seamus Shean. His show To Reach, To Preach, To Teach is a mixture of preaching things like progress and thinking, to reach out to youngsters to reject drugs and to teach things like manners and techniques. It basically a Sesame Street for grown ups. Seamus takes great pride in his role and is known for arrogance and narcissism. He may appear as a nice uncle, though, he just plays a role.

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