Just One Thought: Have you ever stopped to notice

People join gangs. They go to war. They command drones. They’re imprisoned in labor camps. People are suppressed, prosecuted, gagged. They’re being executed. They do drugs. They kill animals on safaris. They destroy the environment for resources. They troll people on social media. They protest. They eat too much and exercise too little. What these things have in common? It’s all bloody pointless. It is stupid, needless and destructive.

This thought is sponsored by the History Channel. Okay, not really. My country doesn’t provide it. But some channels offer plenty of documentaries about history like the Third Reich, the German Democratic Republic and the Soviet Union. And what do these things have in common? They sparked the thought of pointlessness regarding to our world. I am comparing people living in dictatorships with free democracies here. It’s all equally pointless.

„Pointless? What do you mean?“ I saw those old footage of people in classrooms, or video of education of the Stasi, or footage of military parades. And I couldn’t ignore how our species its history is filled by a few hundred or thousands of people only working to secure their power and might while suppressing, killing and torturing their people. It is like this since the dawn of what we call ‘civilization.’ Be it ancient Greece, those great empires of the Romans or Mongolia.

I hate to see that all people just… be there. People are born into suppression and serve their life aiding the upper ten-thousand. It is so sad. At least it makes me sad. I mean, you have no choice but to live a live without freedom and expression and you are shackled into a system you neither like nor support. You are a tool for the regime. You provide to sustain the system. Without any chance. Without any choice. But I’m talking about dictatorships now. Why do I say it is ‘equally pointless?’ Because this hasn’t changed much.

I am aware that we – most of us – live in free democracies. We are not shackled anymore. We aren’t tools for propaganda and can whatever we want. Travel and hike, buy a car or bike and express ourselves in which way ever we want. Yet: It is all pretty pointless equally. We are not serving a purpose like the meaning of life or maybe God. We are not using our time to do something that lasts. We waste our time with consumerism and consumption. I don’t think life is without purpose. I think what we do on earth is.

That’s what being blind means. People move in a straight line and aren’t noticing anything around them. The homeless, the pollution, climate change, or simpler things like the lack of love and compassion or the lack of individualism and the lack of advocacy for change. In simpler terms: People are too ignorant. People are sleeping. And the outcome is the end of our world. Only because people do what they’re being told to do and aren’t able to filter, reflect and react with their own conclusion.

And it is so sad because only a small minority sees this. I wish I could write a song and make it a hit and tell them. But even Michael Jackson couldn’t make someone notice. And many others failed too. I am only stating a problem without a solution. I know. What could defeat ignorance? When an Inconvenience Truth and Food, Inc. aren’t doing? Activists and signature aren’t doing it? Maybe a more strict, direct and, I may say, harsh approach. You must talk more strict and less beating around the bush. 

People must know that meat consumption kills the planet and that their plastic cups destroy the environment. People must learn to gain awareness and consequence of their actions. „Because of your behavior the planet dies!“ It might not reach out to all but we don’t need everyone. We need a critical mass and those will help finding more. Like a domino effect. We finally must try to destroy ignorance. I want everyone on one page; all on our side. We must save the world. But we can only do it together. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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