Just One Thought: The cold rises

A German woman writing for ‘Der Spiegel’ said – not word for word, or in itself – that the aggressive and disrespectful behavior on the internet affects people in real life to become as aggressive and disrespectful as people on the internet. She did not say it, this was my conclusion. And it blew my mind. It makes so much sense and yet it worries me even more. As we all see around the globe; certain trends have emerged and our global community is going into the dumps.

Let’s iterate: Rise of nationalism in the America and Western democracies. (Most of the time members of the EU.) Rise of aggressive, anti-social, disrespectful, downright cold and inhuman behavior. Rise of conspiracy theorists induced by fake news and troll fabrics. We see it everywhere. It is like cancer that spreads and infests entire countries in a manner of a few years. And we see it everywhere.

We see in Germany for example that medics, police men and doctors being attacked for their effort to do their job and saving someone’s life. We see that right-wing movements manifested themselves as Alt Right in America or ‘Identitären’ in Germany and Austria. We see that youngsters arm themselves in London and stab each other to death. (The death toll is higher than in New York.) Our world gets gradually worse each year. (At least it seems. Or it at least seems so to me.)

As I stated before: It is not about taboos anymore. It is about the lack of shame. And people do everything nowadays. People attack, insult, kill; people seem to have lost the tiny part humanity in them. This trend worries me a lot since, as we know – or I know my –species is not only able to do the cruelest things imaginable, it will also do it. (Tortures in black sites or North Korea for example.) To make my point: How worse will it become? How terrible will we treat each other? Will carrying knives and guns become a necessary thing to defend yourself? Are we even able to stop this epidemic?

And when we talk about stopping this move into this direction, how do we want to do it? I think this “trend” is a chance to employ more humanity. For social workers to go to schools and prisons to reach out to younger people. To employ psychologists and therapists in bad boroughs. To embrace positive and humanistic behavior in our society. If we want to fight for a better world and change to a more positive picture; fighting the freezing cold society may be a chance.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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