Super Detective: Chapter 5 -The Case of Madam Eis, Part 2


The Hillsight View Agency uses codenames because due to the all-knowing internet it could happen that employees get known or even threatened. What happened before.

The New Berlin Therapy and Correction Center for Criminals and Persons of Individual Problems 

That is the entire – and somewhat lengthy – name of the prison ten kilometers East of New Berlin. It is a rather quiet and clean prison with no gangs or highly criminal people. Inmates aren’t mixed and taken as equal in 2050. People with murder get into a different prison than someone who committed tax fraud. This was decided to get more clean and more secure prisons. (The conditions for each prisons will be explained later.)

The reason for Miles its imprisonment are kind of unclear. All he ever said that he “got tricked”. What; and for what reason is still not clear. He got imprisoned in building 4, ward 2. The entire prison has 6 buildings and 2 wards each; which makes 12 wards in total. Their organization is central and the same everywhere. They are twenty cells each ward, which makes 240 cells with 2 inmates, which makes a total of 440 inmates. 

Miles used his time imprisoned for studying criminology and actually earning a degree. (He has gotten his degree two weeks after being discharged.) When he did not study, he spent his time reading. He read the books of an author named Harold Halpburn, a self-proclaimed guru and coach. His books are about self-fulfillment and expression of someone’s mind. He used his techniques for life quality to sharpen his abilities of deduction. 

There are plenty of activities within the prison. Art therapy, yoga, boxing, working as a cook or as a waiter. The world of 2050 treats prisoners as humans who need to reflect and being confronted with their crime. Simply keeping them in a cage has been dismissed in this fictional future. These people should learn and evolve to get away from crime and misdeeds. These people should become righteous persons and not do the same shit again after being discharged.

Miles its cell partner was a man named Warren Bess, who committed fraud at the stock market. (He never explained it to Miles, and Miles had no interest in understanding it.) Both became good friends and helped each other in outsmarting the personnel with psychology and using loop holes in human behavior. Both excelled. Miles got discharged after 3 years. Only to never look back. Ever. 

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N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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