POP! One Piece at a Time #1: The One Piece live action show

Well, first of all: I am skeptical. I mean, how can you translate the One Piece world into the real world? Ain’t that damn expensive? The whole powers, the world and its locations, the colorful characters and their most of the time unusual outfit. It would look sort of goofy in real life. But don’t mind my scepticism. It will probably a good show. I am not doubting the producers and the production itself; just the idea of having One Piece depicted in a live action scenario.

The bigger question is though: What kind of story will be used? Will it be an original plot? An adapted plot? Something in between… ? Whatever plot it is, I hope it fits the tone of the series: Lighthearted and friendly. (Even though many get killed and beaten up very badly.) I hope it catches its spirit and driving force of the original manga. Maybe the plot is a spin-off. My idea for a One Piece spin-off would be to follow the other Supernovae and their travel across the Grand Line.

The good thing is that Oda-san functions as one of the producers. This means it will have the usual quality storytelling we’re used to. He will provide the needed passion to pull something like this off. I believe he will be as good as the movies counting from Strong World upwards. He knows how to do this properly. The question is how much the production company is going to invest to make it as good as possible. This question cannot be answered until we see the first trailer.

Considering this announcement: I am hyped. I love to see One Piece grow even bigger and to gain and attract more viewers and get drawn into the story like we – the fans – already are. I can’t wait to be honest. It will take a while until we see but as I pointed out the sections before, It will probably be very, very good. And even when it sucks, what I highly doubt, at least it has been tried to translate it into live actions.

Point is: I will give it a watch.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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