POP!: Why I love Harry Potter

What love for creating entirely new things is for the One Piece universe is. Or what love for smaller, intimate stories is in my own universe; is love for detail in the Wizarding World. Created with so much care, so much knife-sharp precision and love for giving old things an entirely new spin is for the Harry Potter universe. (Or Wizarding World.) A world full of things that have been done before but better executed, things done before but less detailed, things done before but proportioned less, or things not done before with much more originality and creativity. A wonderfully crafted fictional world with dangers, monsters, dark wizards and even greatly developed details. 

The Wizarding Word its rich attention to detail shows itself off in many different things. For example: Lord Voldemort was conceived under love potion, which made it impossible for him to experience love. This detail alone made me jealous of J.K. Rowling’s creation. This detail may be overseen or perceived as I perceive, yet it defines – at least for my part – the entire Wizarding World. Because Ms Rowling implemented something so side-noted and defined the entire saga with it. They’re many other details. The attributes for the houses in Hogwarts. House-elves being used as slaves. The entire concept of learning to control magic. (And not flip a switch and you can execute it.) The change of the teacher against the Dark Arts every year. The differentiation of Animagus and werewolf. Every fantastic beast. The history of the Deathly Hallows. The concept of a Ministry for Magic. And the list goes on.

I took this “approach” to storytelling to heart and began to write a dozen more details into my outlines now. I take a fictional beast and give it name, nickname, colors, attributes, behavior. And advance it into other dimension with its own rules and do’s and don’ts. And even when I outline for hours I am still not able to cope with such magnitude of intricate story design and storytelling. Yet, it is a bit unfair to compare. Because I created a share universe with many genres, timelines, characters; an entire cosmos. The Wizarding World is “just” the Wizarding World. If I had to create one, single story it may could keep up with Ms Rowling. To make a point: She made me a better storyteller. And this goes for all aspiring storytellers: Analyze your competition and learn to become a better storyteller. As Lessons from the Screenplay once noted: “Everything should make you a better writer.”

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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