Just One Thought: Thanks!

I just wanted to thank our sponsor for a change. I mean, they fuel wars, conflicts, destroy the environment and make mass shootings possible. And every useful idiot is helping them. (Intentionally or unintentionally.) I mean, every problem we face as a species is coming from capitalism. But simply bashing capitalism would not do it justice. I mean, capitalism is the cause and root of all problems and not just a sympton. But I wanted to thank our sponsor!

Thanks to the oil industry. Not only are they sponsoring the climate change and all its problems coming with it. They suppressed a study from 1957 called the Robinson report where oil companies knew of the effects of climate change. In the ’50’s! Just. Look. At. This. They were far up ahead and knew the world would become uninhabitable because of their business. This is so cynical I can’t stop grinning while typing this. For real: Thank you anyway.

Thanks to the arms industry. Not only are they sponsoring all wars and conflicts since at least roughly 130 years; they also perfected the concept of taking someone else its life. I always thought that killing is sin and no man should take other’s life. But who cares when Ali Mustafa is close to the border and wants its own state. Then it is allowed to take someone else its life. I mean, it’s for defensive purpose, right? We need to defend the Western world! Uh, no. We need to secure resources and free trade ways. A conspiracy theory once said: „The longer the war takes, the more money they make.“I mean, I cannot validate it, nor want I to go along such lines. However you wanna see it, the business of war is cynical. Because Generals and Warlords decide who dies or who lives. Thanks anyway.

Thanks to the fishing industry. Not only are they sposoring making certain fish extinct; they also take the fish from poor fisherman at African coasts who need fish to survive. This industry will be responsible for feeding the rich and letting the poor die. I mean, it’s just fish, right? What damage can they do? For those who don’t know: A species extinct cannot come back from the dead. Maybe when cloning has advanced in a few dozens of years or something. Thank you very much anyway.

Thanks to the beauty industry. Not only are sponsoring a fetish for staying young and attractive, they also killed millions of innocent animals in order to test them. Poor, harmless, defenseless animals had to suffer because Maria Black wanted to look like a 49 year old while being 50 years old. This nonsense is so hilarious I had to choke while laughing. It’s not acceptable. For both sides. A dumb woman who thinks she has to look young forever instead of accepting age, experience and therefore wrinkle. It adds character, expresses knowledge and wisdom. Trying look young makes you look like an idiot. Thanks for the irony. 

Thanks to the tech industry. I know, I know, you want to connect the world and change it with technology. Yet, not only did you create addicting services for superficial and volatile experiences. People post for likes and crave for positive feedback. And then they are trolls who bully people off the internet. Yes, you changed the world. But for the worse. People cannot live without it and feel like an outcast or a weirdo for not participating. Technology has the potential to change the world; the potential to make things better. Like the Arab Spring for example. Yet, it only take the flip of a switch and those services are blocked. So, in th end, we only got useless apps to fight back bordeom for a few hours a day. Thanks for changing the world.

This is it. I am not a fan of sarcasm because it reduces the impact of an opinion or thought. I just could not help myself this time. I feel like a cynic now. (Which is not good.) But you see the point I hope. The real enemy is the economy! The economy is the maker of all our problems. And if we want to make the world a better world we install a system where there is no work, no currency, no economy. Where people get what they want when they need it. Where the people are free to do how they please. Too bad we are all idiots following the mass. We just need someone who leads them into the right direction. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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