Just One Thought: Microsoft v. Apple

Oh, boy. I always wanted to own a MacBook Air since its release. I never thought I’d own a Mac at some point. (Mostly due to being underage and broke.) But now I got a job, and a regular paycheck, and I can buy things now. (Hooray.) Ho-hum. I usually avoid buying luxury items for many reasons, the biggest one being: I do not need them. I do not need a 1.000 Dollar laptop, a 500 Dollar phone or a 50.000 Dollar car. Usually I buy only what is necessary and what can be considered useful and practical. But why do I own a Mac and an iPhone now? Let me explain.

I’ve been a Microsoft, well „fan“ would be overexerted, let’s just say user. (Like many others.) I had to use Windows due to its monopoly and overall usage. I was an avid gamer back then and had to use it though. I always knew that Microsoft collects data through Windows and other services like Office. But I never actually cared. I was one of billion users across the globe. Nobody cares, right? Then came the Snowden revelations and I had to change my mind. (Especially since Windows 10 is prone and notorious for collecting data.) 

I never had an eye on Apple products. I only knew their top-notch built quality and exprensive prices. Even though Android devices cost as much and Windows laptop also cost as much as Apple products. That is not my point though. A few years ago, the FBI wanted to hack an iPhone and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said: „No backdoors! We are commited to privacy and security!“ This may seem irrelevant but ended up being my personal breaking point for changing to Apple products.

I want privacy and security on all my devices and bought the cheapest version of either Apple product. Mainly an iPhone SE and a Mac mini. But this is not my only point. The other being: Contioues development of operating systems. Though Windows 10 is intented as a program-as-a-service, it is not really changing things up, improving things or making things someway different. While iOS and macOS are continouisly evolving with tons of new features each year. I like that. I like new features and possibilities. I want free updates with new development in mind. Contrary to my old lagdroid which slowed so down that I had to wait many seconds and longer for an action to be processed. Everyone knows how Android rolls out. In my case: Never. I don’t want to be stucked on years old software that can’t improve itself. Contrary to iOS which is significantly faster than iOS 11 when it’s being released.

I like the snapiness of iOS and the versatility of macOS. (Where Windows can be installed as a seperate OS for example.) I want security and privacy. I don’t want anyone to hack my devices so easily. To end my point: I am not an Apple sheep. I do noopiniont care about the company; I only use their products. Apple is not perfect and makes many awry decisions, but I am not a manager who knows this stuff. (So what do I know. I only know the internet’s point of view.) But their products are as good as everyone says. Pricey? Other devices cost the same or more. Culty? It’s a brand dang it. Worthy? Every penny. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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