Spotlight: 1 Billion for the homeless

Notre Dame burned down. And I could not care less. It is a friggin church. Why should I care?! But do you know for whom I care? The homeless. The way we treat the homeless is embarrassing down the line. Nobody cares for them. Nobody donates money for them. Nobody gives a f. I think this shines a concrete line onto our societies in the Western civilization. We care for 1000k iPhones, but not 1 buck for a homeless who could buy some food or something to drink. We care for celebrities and their drug scandals, but not for the hundreds of thousands who have no work, no shelter, no future. I wish we’d care more. But I also know how futile this modest wish is. What does it have to to with Notre Dame? It seems some people think spending 1 Billion would raise and boost their reputation and public image. Yet, why aren’t they donating the money to the homeless. It is unimaginable how much could be done with 1 Billion for the homeless. We could build institutions and places for homeless to eat, sleep, shave or shower. Too bad even the states of our civilization don’t support this cause. It is simple: Give money to the homeless.

Let’s be Christ-like. Let’s be inspirational. Let’s be role-models. Let’s be humane. Homeless have to suffer terrible circumstances and are not taken cared by society. Cold, hunger, thirst. They have to live in trash and garbage. Nobody cares? Why is that? Why do get people in humanitarian crisis millions of Dollars? Why do get people in Africa millions? Don’t get me wrong. That is not false. These people deserve help and humanism too! Surely. But why are homeless left out? They are ignored, left out, and live outside the spectrum. Maybe the beg for money; but otherwise. I think we should find a way to make homelessness impossible. But there come the 1 Billion back into play: we lack the funding. State-lead institutions are terribly underfunded. We can be happy with a place to sleep. But then there is robbery, 10 people in one room, and whatnot. The problem is known: no job, no condo; no condo, no job. This structure must be broken! We should fund places where people can go to and live until welfare pays for a condo. But I already know that this is too much to ask for. Such places exists and they are dreadful. For my part, we should make pledging to homelessness something society appreciates and supports. The mentality must change. The rest comes from itself. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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