Super Detective: Chapter 4 – The Case of Madam Eis, Part 1


The Hillsight View Agency has a yearly cost of 224.000 Ameros.

The Art of Art

New Berlin has a thriving urban street art scene. Even Banksy left behind a little piece. (Impressive considering his age.) The most known – and notorious – artist is an artist calling himself Shinski. But due to the internet his name leaked and everyone called him Art from there an one. His most prominent features are the inclusion of a cat that wears a different hat each time it gets sprayed on walks.

His background has been pieced together by the internet. Some hacking, analysis and some deduction helped the public to find out his forename. (And even that is considered a coup by Art himself / herself.) This coup found itself online on a public message board called Reddit. (Which still exists in 2050.) An user dubbed himself ‘Art’ posted a video of behind-the-scenes footage of a person doing Art its work. This made him even more infamous.

His most notorious work is the coup of copying a painting and then sell it on Sotheby’s. (Still exists.) It was an old Van Gogh. People were impressed by his skills and got even more intrigued. This was the starting point for where people follow his activities to find him and deduce his identity. Some people got ignored and started an anti-movement to deface his art as soon as possible.

His latest activities were in African countries. Build Africa, a yearly conference to build Africa, made him a special ambassador for the conference. Art thanked for it by leaving a graffiti at their convention center. (And still no one knows who he is.) Sometimes he plays pranks by posing as a certain person only to rebound and take it back. Always in creative an imaginative way. At some point he posed as a janitor to spray graffiti in Skylake; only to leave the moment he’d been found. He also posed as Banksy and challenged him to spray a graffiti first before he did. Only to loose.

His activities in New Berlin were plentiful. He sprayed his adventure cat on a huge bell tower, and left a mark on the government building. No camera has filmed him, no person has seen him. He is truly anonymous in all-aware world. This is – considered by many – a huge task of a highly intelligent person. (Or maybe he cheats. Who knows.) In the end, the art of Art is a huge fun for many internet users. And as long as people enjoy this game; Art can do what he can do best: art.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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