Just One Thought: We should overcome

There are a plethora of things we should overcome. Racism. Bigotry. Hate. These things may already have been overcome – if – the people would reflect their actions. But that is not the point today. I will address a few things that are severly outdated concepts that only benefit less than 1% on the entire planet. Such things include: the concept of work, the concept of currency, and the concept of trade. All these things abolished would evoke a global utopian society. 

The concept of trade is the oldest concept in the world. People trade long before our species settled and became farmers. The concept in itselt make sense for such an old kind of human. You need fur and gave berries, you needed a blade and gave meat. But our globalized world does not need this concept. Back in the days, not everything was available for everyone. You neededto trade. But nowadays, there is no need for it. The problem with critizing our ‘world system’ is, that peopel immedieately scream: „Socialism!“ Without extending my point so much: this concept never worked and will never work. Anyway. Look at our world. Everyone has clothes, everyone could potentially have a car, or own a house, condo or a simple hut. If we agreed to give every human being a basic amount of things like a fridge, a bed, a table, a television; we didn’t need to trade them. In this case exchanging currency for goods. Because…

The concept of currency is also outdated. It is the same premise: back in the day it was needed to survive or sustain a certain economical system. Nowdays money is nothing but a number on a computer display that people shove from country to country in order to make even more money. It only benefits the 1% who own 50% of all money in the world. 99%, the rest, do not benefit at all. The most common ‘participation’ is the concept of work. You need to work 8h a day, 40h a week, 40-50 years within your life in order to ‘participate.’ We are just pawns and parasites in this system. We are kept isolated in consumerism and partying that we are distracted from the truth: we do not matter. We are only the workforce for those who own 50% of all money in the world. We think we „live our life to the fullest“ and that „our dreams come true.“ Only failing to acknolwedge the following: life is not without purpose. What we do on Earth is. Because…

The concept of work is outdated. The cocept of work was, back in the days, all about survivial. You needed a job so survive. You needed to buy bread and buy clothes. The real deal was the industrilization where people began to work in factories and the whole concept of work as we know it today started. The problem is, due to globalization, automization and the general idea of mass production made work obsolete. If we agreed to share all resource equally to give every human being a certain standard of welfare; then things would change. People would simply get what they want instead of working for it. This would make us all truly equal. 

It goes back to freeing us from trade and currency. The whole thing lets me make my point: A utopian society is possible. If we agreed to attack and destroy the real criminals and those responsible for the pollution of the oceans, for burning down the rain forest, for securing springs, for fighting wars and for letting die millions of people because they could not afford food (or weren’t able to farm their land.) It is – was – and will be: the economy. This is not about a utopia or a perfect society. It is about equality and justice; about fairness and dignity. Every human being has a god damn right to live like everyone else. We are human beings, god damn it. Our life has value!

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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