Depth Note – U.F.O.

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U.F.O. – Sense and Sensibility 

written by

N. “Ain’t Easy Being Green” Burg 

They are many question in my mind regarding aliens and the U.F.O.-phenomenon. The biggest question is not if or if not alien exist. This does not matter. But, let’s assume they were aliens. Somewhere in the wide, dark outer space. On a cute little planet with their cute little civilization. What would these aliens do all day? Have they science? But if they mastered interstellar traveling, are they even secrets left? Have they found the ultimate answer to questions like the Big Bang or have they even found strings? Or are they exploring the universe like we use to imagine in science fiction? Is there even something explore since the universe consists of stars and gas clouds? It’s really hard to imagine an alien civilization since they must have founds answers we are still trying to figure out. Are they even able to conquer the physics we know are are aware of that we can’t beat them? Like light speed for example.

Would they’ve been gone through he same evolutionary process as we did? Would they look for other aliens like we do? And if they are out there: Why aren’t we hearing from them? How do the look like? Scientists can answer this question partly. They need eyes to see, a food to eat, ears to hear and fingers to feel. They probably won’t have these exotic bodies Hollywood is pinning into out heads. No tentacles for example. They need legs to move forward and a brain to process signals. All these things are necessary to even exist. They must have some kind of intelligence. Maybe the same rules of evolution apply to aliens and they actually look like humans.Or intelligent cat people. (Just kidding. That’s Avatar.) Anyway. Aliens may even look completely different since the circumstances are different on each planet. Maybe the gravity is higher so their body is stronger than ours. Or they won’t breathe oxygen. They could breath methane. (Just kidding. That’s Perry Rhodan.) The imagination can run as wild as it can get since we have no idea of how other intelligent life looks like. It could be a giant fly-alien. Who knows.

This thought originates from my thoughts about U.F.O.’s. If there were an alien civilization out there. Why would they visit us with? What would their reason be to come to us? This thought comes from the documentaries about these things. I saw so many material about this topic and they were fairly similar. A bright light, paralization, sometimes people told about how they saw something inside of the flying objects. Most of these sightings have basically no substance since either 1) The same happened to everyone or 2) The information we could gather from this are not useful. And why are they aliens here since the 40’s? Did they just found us? Is this even new for aliens? The material the MUFON (Mutual U.F.O. Network) has gathered can give no insight either. All the gathered material give no clue about their motivations or goals. They only show up, scare someone, and leave. Why would they do this? My assumption would be that they simply like to scare us. Maybe there is an alien television show that scares humans. But wouldn’t that be frightening? Hyper-intelligent aliens that cross the stars only came to scare us? This is such a weird thought, isn’t it? Why aren’t they revealing themselves to us? Why do they show up randomly to innocent individuals? I wish I did know. The phenomenon of U.F.O.’s is so weird to begin with. No explanation for it seems to make sense.

Are they visiting us to see aliens? Are we the aliens in their eyes? Are they coming so close just to see a human? This does as barely sense as any other explanation. They could look through a hyper-high-tech machine and watch from the outside. I don’t want to get into the government thing. I don’t think governments are aware of aliens or work with them. What would governments benefit from? The technology? That’s bullshit. Man developed the technology we now have today, or had one hundred years ago. Technological progress is a logical process. Scientists take to and develop new technology all the time. As said: Nothing makes any sense. Maybe we thought in the wrong direction and there are no aliens. Maybe humans in top-secret underground basis having fun scaring us. They were never aliens, just humans. This makes at least a little sense. It’s such a weird and slippery topic. I don’t know. What can I say further. Aliens. Humans. Unidentified Flying Objects. Whenever this phenomenon has an explanation. I hope it’s a really damn good one.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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