Just One Thought: Social media uprising and anti-social downfall

I watched a few YouTube videos I came across accidentally. They were talking about the topic of social media. I already expressed my opinion on that topic. But the video sparked a few flames. I go along with the notion that social media is a bad motor for our societies across the globe. It destroys civil discourse, co-operation and due to hate-speech and fake news; it slowly destroys the fundaments our societies are built upon. Social media does more damage and harm than it helps and creates. Let’s have a look.

First: Do we benefit? Or better asked: Do we evenbenefit? I mean: What does social media do? It spreads the word about catastrophes and cruel crimes. It spreads fake news across the globe due to bots and idiots believing in them. It lets people find people who are alike but in a bad way. Conspiracy theorists find conspiracy theorists. Terrorists find terrorists. Racists find racists. Due to the nature of social media, mainly its algorithms, it does nothing but helping idiots to find other idiots to create huge communities of idiots who try to bring and burn down other communities of idiots. In other terms: It is a mess. We do not actually benefit from them; there is no benefit. 

Can we even benefit? In certain aspects. Most notably the Arab Spring. Where people organized themselves to bring down their regime. A good thing. Too bad it can be countered easily by simply blocking such serves on their respective national internet. And while we talk about blocking: All regimes do it. China, North Korea, Iran, some northern African states. So no: We cannot even benefit from that either. So what is the crux? As I said: More damage and harm than it does help and create.

The problems become even more eerie when digital hatred and negative behavior becomes analog and makes people beat other people to death. Or worse: Killing them. This is probably the worst aspect of social media. It may „connect the world and its people“, (as Facebook always states), but only the aforementioned idiots. If it weren’t for the money of ads they earn by giving you personalized feeds; it could have been a good thing for mankind. It would help people connect and interact. Too bad the crux is still ads. 

To sum it up: Social media uprising is anti-social downfall. Only when people would look beyond their own horizon and beyond or their own feed, then it would be a great thing. To learn new cultures and aspects of life of how others tend to live. Too bad they want to sell you something (like they always do). As long as people like to live in their echo chamber, and no service or platform finds a way to get rid of this problem; nothing will change. And we all know the way of how bad things go, don’t we? It will always get worse. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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