P.O.V.: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Did I like it?
Not at all.

I’ve heard all the critics and knew of all criticisms. But my father and I watch all superhero movies regarding the criticism. And I was as disappointed as everyone else. Little to no exposition, confusing characters (and their decisions;andtheir fate.) Lack of focus, lack of directional abilities and lack fo good writing. In two words? Shruggs shoulders.

Lesson 1: Excellence +

But there is one thing I did like and enjoyed throughout the movie. It was Sophie Turner’s acting. She expressed the fear, the anger, the confusion, the raw power. She was a gem in this movie! I liked her way of portraying such a beaten and done character. The actions may have been a bit blunt. (She only waved her hands left and right.) But everything in between was marvelous. Liked it. 

Lesson 2: Intention. +/- 

There is always a two part-thing in movie making: Intention and execution. And the intentions were … fine, I’d say. Simon Kinberg tried his best to make Dark Phoenix a good and likeable character. He tried to give it good direction. But in the end it lacked talent all over the place. (And I heard the best scenes were shot by a stuntman.) What a pity that I like Simon Kinberg.

Lesson 3: Execution –

And execution was mediocre. Especially the writing. Some scenes were meant to be emotional and dramatic, but ended up being dull and not having any effects on the viewer. And the script had the most cliched lines in one movie forever. They say things like: “What are you?” “There is still hope.” “We are in this together.” And I had to cringe how much template writing was done. It felt rushed and not thought out. (I dunno.)

Lesson 4: Booooring. – 

But that is all I can positively say about this movie. The twists did not land, Magneto has no real purpose, and Professor X seems totally out of place. The drama was weird and not “reasonable” (as far a movie can go.) And the lack of exposition simply annoyed me. It was always: Jean goes somewhere, the X-Men follow, they fight. And repeat. Plus the character of Jessica Chastain has also no real purpose. Nope, thanks.

Bottom line: Thank God Marvel Studios does know what they’re doing.

Rudy’s Rating: No SchuG. (No regret buying a ticket.)

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