P.O.V.: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Did I like it?

Rated A for awesome.

There it is. The big conclusion to the Infinity Saga and the end of Phase 3. And boy, it did not disappoint. It did Spider-Man a favor and delivered and very solid, above average movie. From the astonishing direction, to the phenomenal visual effects; it was a joy to watch and simply to enjoy. Without further ado! The rundown.

The Struggles of Being Peter Parker +

I may still agree with MovieBob*, but still think this movie managed to make the struggle of being both Spider-Man and Peter Parker very apparent and showed his personal dilemma of being a superhero anda high school student. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man did that too, but not in such detail and urgency. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man tried everything to do the right thing and also tries to be a good student, friend and, well, superhero.

Euro Spider-Man +

“A Spider-Man outside of New York?” I hear myself thinking. And Jesus: It. Did. Work. The whole concept of web-slinging has been taken to a new level of versatility and universality. Spider-Man jumps, swings, glues and is simply all over the place. The actions scenes were simply a miracle. (And I personally wonder how they had realized them.) The fights were engaging and never suffered the Transformer’s syndrome where you have no idea what is going on. Superb.

Wait what? +

I won’t spoiler the movie here, but I have to address Mysterio. (If you know his background, this will make sense.) The twist revolving his character was simply amazing. I never saw that one coming and I am still flashed by it. And the outcome was even better. That “one scene” in the construction site was probably the most astonishing virtual effects ever. Spider-Man tumbles and stumbles, he tries to flee, gets caught again, tries to find the way out, gets freed; back and forth and left and right. One heck of a scene.

Bottom line: Okay. Where do we head next?

Rudy’s Rating: No SchuG. (No regret buying a ticket.)

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