The Federal Republic of Europe

I know what kind of Europewant. Social, liberal, progressive. I want a Europe with minimum wage, insurgence for everyone, approbiate welfare, no surveillance, no biometrical databanks, no FPR, no Swift, no European secret service. This is the roughest description of what Europe should look like. My favored Europe is a place where people are free, safe and has mechanics that prevent anti-democratic energy to flourish and prosper. There should be a mechanic that prevents media from being made the same. A mechanic that prevents right-wing politicians from abusing their powers. And a mechanic that prevents that my personal data is being stolen, copied, and abused.

Europe should be a place for progress, for optimism and creation. Where people from all Euopean nations can contribute and engage in discourse with European politicians and the Commission. It should be a place for free democratic elections, a free European press, and free spirited citizens. Europe is much more than a project of peace and prosperity. It is a symbol for the positive sides of the so-called Western civilizations. Here we treat each other with respect, can travel freely, have free choice of workplace, etc. Here we have the luxury of democracy. And democracy is not granted. It is something pro-Europeans try to embrace and defend, in order to keep Europe like it was, is, and is intended as: a free world.

Should there be a so-called European “super state”? I am not entirely sure. Many politicans wish so. The economy wishes so. Some right-wing politcians are scared of it. Some Europans – like me – are simply sceptical. If a Federal Republic of Europe means secret service, surveillance, biometrical databanks, cameras, anti-democratic law making, no social state (welfare), and simply negative developments: then no. If it means a “paradise” of a country with all good sides, like welfare, minimum wage, insurgence, etc.,; then yes. No one has a single clue of how this actually should look like. There is this notion of a region-based Europe where we focues on regions instead of national parliaments. But that doesn’t make the cut. 

A Federal Republic of Europe should be a utopia. (Even though I am highly sure it wouldn’t be one.) We could use the United States as a guiding arrow. With local governments in Germany and France, and then elected representatives in a European parliament. (Just as an example.) I have no idea what a “super state” should look like. I just want a harmonic and friendly Europe. (And all the other things I listed up.) Where people have every free right to do what the laws allows. Right now we face a great threat by right-wing extremists. Now is the time to fight for Europe. Where we design and mould a Europe where people live in ease, have econoical prosperty, and the ambition to participate. Simply letting the right-wing extremists win is not an option. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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