P.O.V.: James Bond – Spectre

Did I like it?

So. Fucking. Much.

James Bond: Spectre is one of the rare movies I’d loved to have seen in cinema. (I can’t go the movies for every movie I want to see. Hence I buy blu-rays.) The action, the drama, the dialogue. It’s a superb work of cinema and fiction in general. I liked every aspect of it. The intro turned me off a little. But as soon as the plot began I was hooked and could not breathe until the credits rolled. Let’s get started.

+ Day of the Dat

The intro is simply awesome. Without spoiling it: It shows Bond walking through Mexico

while Day of the Dead is celebrated. It so smooth, subtle and fascinating at the same time.

It may be only two people walking down a street, but it works so greatly. It is such an understatement compared to other start sequences. The only comparison I can offer is The Dark Knight. (Even though the intro sequence of The Dark Knight is only 5 minutes.) It is a welcomed change of pace for modern movie making.

+ Get away from the chopper

Followed by the intro sequence comes the first action sequence. It follows the intro sequence neatly. And, wow, so good. The directing was one of a ride for such a complex and hard to film sequence. But Sam Mendes rocked the house and delivered. The tension was gripping and captivating. It got back and forth, up and down and back to the usual level. And the ending was, in good old Jame Bond way, he simply chucks it off like nothing had happened.

+ Watch ma’ style

The entire movie kept reminding me of my own personal style of writing a screenplay. Fewer but longer scenes. More dialogue than usual and an overall more streamlined experience. I mean by that, that the places people go don’t change ever 5 minute and we have time spending to learn the characters and locations. Since I have never produced a screenplay it’s comforting to know that my own way of writing works. Good to know.

+ Diamond dialogue

My last point is its grinded-like dialogue. Every line in this movie had something to say and was always relevant to the plot. There was no throwaway line or some uttering of nonsense. I followed the dialogue closely and did not find anything to criticize. James Bond was a witty and cunning as always. Even though he does not speak much. The highlight still remains: The villain. Waltz’ character did not only act unparalleled but also delivered one line after another that simply stopped the laugh in your throat. It was perfect.

Bottom line: One of the most thrilling movie I’ve ever seen.

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N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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