The Question Marked #2: Unique Perspective

Sandy: What do you mean you offer a “unique perspective”? What do you think makes you so ‘special’?

N. Burg: Okay, okay. I admit it sounds a bit over-the-top. What I actually meant was my personal point of view. I would not consider myself a nihilist; but I kinda do … actually. I see no purpose in this world. Neither for me personally, nor for other things people do in their lives. I think things like a degree (which I do have) are pointless. Work is pointless. Travelling, which may be nice, is pointless. I don’t see anything that would be full of purpose. Politicians cling to their power, concerns rule us – and by the way – consumerism is pointless too, I see gangs killing others, I see organized crime. I only see a hodge podge of people having no ambition to be good and only do what their brain tells them to do. But that was not my point. I had to elaborate here. I don’t mysel from “inside” the system, you know. I am not a politician trying to collect votes, or a pop star who entertaines people. The system just sustains itself. To put it a bit clearer: Everyone has a position inside the system. From fast food providers, to travel websites, to beauty blogger. All people are connected and interact with each other. I disconnect myself and put myself out of the equation. I look from the outside,intothe system. That’s what I meant. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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