Super Detective – Chapter 2: The Case of the Mummy

Trivia #2

Stop the Light was inspired by One Piece, while Super Detective was inspired by Case Closed.

N.E.T. Article #2 – Hillsight View Agency

The Hillsight View Agency was started by Arthur Hillsight. (He added a ‘View’ to it in order to have a little play on words.) The Agency was started in 2042 in Olympia, Washington. A personal case led him to New Berlin, where Arthur, then on his own, started to investigate. A murderer has killed two men by using benzine and fire. It was a messy and rather gross case. So Arthur thought. The murderer turned out to be a chemistry teacher who tried a self-made benzine in order to sell in on the black market. 

The mayor offered money when the agency moved to New Berlin. Which it then did. But not because Arthur liked New Berlin so much. He fell in love. A woman named Rose Gardner was a secretary in the World Government embassy. Arthur visited her every day in order to find the right moment to ask for a date. Then, after twenty or so attempts, he simply asked, and she agreed. Both had a great day at the pier, where he would win her a frog she dubbed Monty. 

She then quit her job at the embassy to work for Arthur. Life seemed good. Until a vengeful maniac destroyed everything. A mad man took her hostage and held her in a room near an abandoned hotel. It was his intention to get rid of all investigative forces. Arthur deduced the location and it came to a fight where a pistol shot was fired and hit Rose. She survived. But did not stay the same. Psychologists explained Arthur she was traumatized and needed special treatment. 

Arthur became a popular and beloved citizens and even got the key the city. The city itself was pretty much crime-free. Hence some called him ‘the Batman of New Berlin’. As he employed a team of 6 investigators, his agency grew to a big and bold one only devoted to justice. His second big case was in 2045. The so-called Scissor Hand killer. Someone slit the throats of prostitutes. He was called this way because their clothes had stripes ripped of her clothes. Arthur solved the case by finding the story where the knives where bought and simply needed to check the payment way. 

Arthur Hillsight died in 2049 because of heart failure. His niece became his successor and leads the Agency into new territories. Crime is in an all-time high in New Berlin and it needs new and bold investigators who solve crimes. It is not specialized on homicide. They also solve cases of theft, computer crime and tax fraud. Right now it has 7 employees and is ready to keep the city clean of crime. Hence the niece its new slogan: Crime and crime free again. 

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N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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