P.O.V.: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Did I like it?


+ Drax the Likable

Dave Bautista is truly a super underrated actor. His talent oozes all over the silver screen. The performance of Drax is funny, engaging and you simply can’t dislike this guy. Dialogue itself felt a bit werid because of his alien background, behavior and habits; yet he doesn’t seem very off from the other characters in terms of odd-ness or weird-ness. His laugh is somewhat magical too. (Even when it sounds rough.) I haven’t seen other movies with Mr. Bautista in it (I only saw him in the trailer for Blade Runner 2049, which I will watch), but he seems to enjoy it and gives the audience a good time and a lot of acting power. Let’s see how he acts (pun intended) in other movies with characters that have more human and grounded personalities.

+ Mantis the Nuanced

Holy cow. That. Was. Awesome. The character Mantis is probably the gem of the entire movie. She did such a great job with conveing a character that had not background with social interaction and it was simply outstanding. The forced/awkward smile and laugh was such a pleasure oberserve. And the body language of being a bit shy and not knowing how to act (no pun intended) was, as the other factors, good. I don’t know the actress behind her character but she has talent indeed.

+ Other characters

Be it Nebula with her wish to beat Gamora or Rocket Racoon playing all cool while being a bit insecure or Yondo, who cared for Peter Quill just like a father; these character were colorful and full of personality. The only thought I had watching the movie was: “Please, don’t die! Please, don’t die!” Because I cared so much about their position, life and standing. I felt for these characters. This is something I probably never experienced while watching a movie in my entire life. (And talking about it right now is a bit weird to be honest.) It may be “just a superhero movie” but Marvel, not being reduced to the origin-story-vs.-other-side-of-the-coin-villain-formula, showed of an impressive production.

– Side

I have nothing bad to say. I liked it a lot. There were no weird plot points that distracted from the main story. The humor was funny. The music was good. The directing was more than solid. All in all a superb movie.

Bottom line: Outstanding (Marvel) movie.

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