P.O.V.: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Did I like it?
To 75%.

The Last Jedi is one of the rare movies where I am one part on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next story beat to happen while also being kind of bored and wanting to go home. It felt weird and feels even weirder to express. The characters were great; action solid. The only downside is the lengthy second act. It could have been shorter and snappier. Anyway.

+ Tumor in the humor

Does it feel forced? Not really. Cringey? Not really. Out of place? Also not. The humor in this installment in the Star Wars saga was a welcomed change of pace and style. In the beginning it wonderfully takes the tension out and offers a kind of funny moment. It is no bad humor and it is no childish humor. It is neither things. I liked it.

+ Dare to defy

Wow. MovieBob was once again totally on point. I did not expect such actions from well-known characters and new ones alike. It goes up and down; back and forth; left and right. The way Luke reacts to his light saber is simply priceless. I thought I’d be a serious one-liner or something; something that matters. Other parts of the movie offered the same defiance of expectations. It’s rather rare that characters weep or cry in movies, but The Last Jedi portrays it subtle and very mature. Well done.

+ Dat shot

The visuals were pretty awesome. There is a shot, near the end, where Luke stands in front of the First Order. Probably the most coolest and beautiful movie shot ever. Simply stunning. It is even better than the shot in A New Hope where Luke stands in front of the two suns. Rian Johson’s ability to craft very powerful imagery is a really stand-out. Other shots, like the cave scene, were also very awesome.

– Snoking

While he had a certain presence of mystery surrounding him, this movie presents him as a generic bad guy. Oh, he manipulates. Bummer. Oh, he is power hungry. For real. Oh, he wants to control everything. Pff. No. Sorry. It was such a waste of potential for a sith overlord, but all we got was a boring and dull character ‘who pulls strings from behind the scenes.’ Boring. Next.

Bottom line: I wonder how the saga ends.

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