P.O.V.: Black Panther

Did I like it?
It was not ‘meh.’

I only heard positive things about Black Panther. I usually agree with my favorite film critic MovieBob, but this time? No. It was not only a rather mediocre movie, it was also a mediocre MCU installment. Nothing stood out. Nothing was certainly exciting or made me sit on the edge of my seat. It was not bad. It was not meh. It was just good.

+ The Klawker

Wow. What a villain. He should have been the actual villain and not Killmonger. He reminded me a bit of the Joker from The Dark Knight. He was unpredictable, highly psychotic and a joy to watch. Andy Serkis surely can act. (And not only in motion capturing suits.) I never saw Andy Serkis acting and this was a pleasant first time to experience. I wonder why he isn’t cast more often. (Aside from motion capturing.)

– Marvel still has a villain problem

I don’t know why people think Killmonger was a good villain. He was not. He was the basic, simply other-side-of-the-coin villain like in every former Marve movie. His backstory was not interesting (even though more developed than other villains), his attitude was annoying and Michael B. Jordan’s acting – thought not bad – annoyed the hell out of me. He made this upper-body shaking move all the time. I did not like it.

+ Advanced chemistry

I never enjoyed a movie’s chemistry so much. It felt fascinating seeing all those actors playing their roles in such a way, that you can feel how their chemistry is at work. I don’t know the character’s names, so I will just address their position. T’Challa’s little sister for example. It was almost like real siblings. His love interest was almost like they were really engaged. (You get the idea.) His mother was well acted too. All in all a joy to watch.

Bottom line: Captain America: The Winter Soldier is still the best MCU film.*

*Which is a bit unfair because Stephen McFeely and Christoper Marcus are one of the most talented screenwriters working in the industry.*

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