P.O.V.: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Did I like it?
No. With an emphasize on ‘n’ and ‘o.’

Let’s break it down. Mediocre acting. Rather lame script. Half-way descent directing. Outstanding worldbuilding. All in all: A simply below average movie. Some called it unnecssary; some called it a Wookiepedia article coming to live. To be honest: It is a bit of both. 

+ Han(dling) survival

Wow. What a surprisingly well depiction of the life under the Empire. The ruthlessness, the hopelessness, the darkness; the movie showed that the world of Star Wars is full of danger and threats as long as the Empire ruled. People forced to do nothing but to survive the circumstances. Some, like Han, try to get by by wit and confidence; other try to simply make it out like Kira. The overall asthetics supported and helped to craft a world of peril and simply sadness. It was very, very good. 

+/- Trivia(l) pursuit

The topic of trivia has been debated enough. My take? It was simply badly executed. The origins of hie name? Lame. The origin of his friendship with Chewbacca? Also lame. The kessel run? Nice visuals. (But lame.) If it weren’t handled so casually, so, pun intended, trivial, it could have been a nice and compelling way of demonstrating good fan service. Too bad it crushed and burned terribly.

– In honor of Alden’s reich

He can act. I am not denying that. His Han performance was, like some critic pointed out, trying too hard being Han as played by Harrison Ford. If he gave his own take and tried to extend him; trying to deepen his attitude, it might have been a great gig. Just like the rest of the movie: It failed hard.

– Kasdanian

The writing was… mhm, not bad. But not good either. It only presented the Han we already knew. It did not add, sorry I repeat myself, anything new to the character. Maybe he had doubts and regrets, fears and insecurities. But nope, it was just the same character we knew. Why making a prequel if everything is already as it is. (?)

Bottom line: Stop milking Star Wars. (Or you’ll oversaturate the market and the franchise dies a horrible death.)

Rudy’s Rating: SchuG (Regreting buying a ticket.)

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N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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