P.O.V.: Avengers: Endgame

P.O.V.: Avengers: Endgame

Did I like it?
Best. Movie. Ever.

I … I have no words. I mean … what the heck just happened? Was this a movie? Some lighthearted entertainment? Or something entirely different? For me it was an experience I have never ever experienced before. I never sat on the edge of my seat like this! Never was acting so good! Never has me a story more blown away! From bottom to top the best movie I have ever seen. Marvel manage to top everything that came before. Even The Winter Soldier. Even The Dark Knight. It was beyond everything.

+ Start me up 

Infinity War its beginning blew me away. There was no cluttered or clumsy introduction or some exposition. It was simply Thanos fighting the war. And Endgame managed to make it even greater with an even greater emotional and tensioned start. I won’t spoil it. All I can say is, that the Decimation plays a pivotal role and made me almost cry. (For the first time in an uproar of more to come.) It not only starts the motivation for the characters involved; it also gave me chills. 

+ Assemble

The acting was gorgeous. One critic noted, that the actors knew the whole world will see them and acted this good accordingly. It does not matter if or if not this is true; it hits the mark. The acting was terrific. I’ve never seen actors trying to deliver the emotional and human impact within a simple piece of paper a.k.a the screenplay. Chris Evans was great. Robert Downy, jr. was even greater. You could sense the urgency, but also the downfall and resignation of each individual character. Holy smoke was that good. 

Subvert me + 

Marvel is widely known to work by a simple formula: don’t do what is being expected. The twists were so damn good I did not see a single one coming. I had a theory throughout the movie but that was wrong. The whole story revolves around occasions and meetings of character you would never expect to show up or being brought up again in a vastly different way or execution. I don’t want to spoiler it, but you won’t see that one coming! I assure you.

The Overly Iron Man +

The best acting and best character development was attributed to Iron Man. He still dislikes Captain America (which does not spoiler much), he has a finished character arc. His whole fictional life comes full circle and it shows an Iron Man who is aged, worn and somewhat relaxed and happy with his life. He doesn’t want it any other way. He settled and began to live a life with his Iron Man persona being something that he was great in, but decided to let this thing don’t get in the way. 

Bottom line: Marvel at its finest.

Rudy’s Rating: No SchuG (No regret buying a ticket.)

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