Call to Act!on

Learn and absorb the following creed: Join. Promote. Fund. Support. (JPFS.)

These are the four principles for a – at least I think – a better world. 

There are plenty of non-government, UN-based or international organizations you can enter in order to help improving things. I wouldn’t claim these things “change” the world, but they have the right people, the budget, the know-how and publicity. I won’t list them here. Just search up ‘NGO’ or ‘UN organization’. It is quite important to know who your allies and who your enemies are. It is simple: If they want to make profit = enemy. If they want to improve circumstances = ally. So Greenpeace is an ally. Or WikiLeaks. Coca Cola and Nike are your enemies. It’s that simple. Why? Because corporations are responsible for the problems these organizations want to solve. Coca Cola buys water reservoirs so that the citizens involved don’t have it. Nike lets make shoes by kids in Third World countries. Capitalism = enemy; Improving = ally. Of course you cannot join every helpful organization. Choose which topic you prefer. Environment? Greenpeace. Truth and justice? WikiLeaks. I mean, you could potentially join them all, but that would damage the cause. Find your place and stick to your guns.

Because we need many more who promote. The UN is widely known and some know of their causes like UNHCR for example. Some know their camps and humanitarian causes. All true, all good. Most of the time the news report from such places. But this is way too little. If your mindset is: Yes, let’s try to make things better! Promote such things. If you know a soup kitchen in town, or you know clubs or other intstitutions that work in your local or national area; promote them. Let others now. Helping others is a widespread activity and plenty try to help. But most of the time rarely someone knows about this stuff. We must find a global and united voice to promote problems – but also – their solutions. I know it is not much. But every little piece helps.

Because someone has to fund them. These orgnizatoin are scraping the bottle of the barrel for every cent they can take in. Many humanitarian and supporting causes lack funding. We could potentially save the rain forest if the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) had more money. (This is of course just an example. The WWF has a lot of wealthy pledgers already.) The point is, things like the Plant-for-the-Planet (Look it up.) need more funding in order to “save” the planet from becoming a deserted wasteland – or worse – a planet so full of agricultural farming that nothing else survives. (And we already see the negative outcome of such politics and bahvior.) And coming back to the UN, yes countries spend millions on the UN, could also need every cent spent. But also things like Doctors Without Borders or Bread for the World. These things could need all a little bit more. You can feed a kid for 2 Dollars for example. Just find the right organization.

Because someone has to support them. I already told of a few causes. But it is up to the individual to find interest and engagement in such topics. We need to support meatless nourishment, less consumerism in general, a more calm, relaxed and serious discourse. All these things need to be supported. Everyone can start and do what I just said a few paragraphs before. Yet, it is all up to the single individual. It must ask itself: Do I want a healthy and intact planet? A more civilized and collected society? Less stress and hate? More reason and common sense? Every person has do dicide for itself and then find a way to express and join, promote, fund and support these good intentions. There are way too many idiots and a-holes around. Don’t be one of them. Don’t be all angry and hateful, don’t live a life wasted to hednosim. (It leads now here.) Give your life meaning by philanthropism and altruism. Ask yourself: Do I want to be part of the bad guys? Or do I want to be part of justice and hope? Time to choose.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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