POP!: Broken Bridges – Sonic Dash!!

We all know how abysmal the Sonic franchise is. It had a good trilogy on old Sega systems but never made it into a 3D environment. Even though I could design the gameplay too; I just want to present a full fledged campaign in order to represent good storytelling in videogames. The whole story for ‘Sonic Dash!!’ is intented as a reboot. We forget everything that has happened before. The story itself is presented with a serious tone and rather grown ups content. I wanted to bring former comic book-y characters into a more … mature. The reason is to push Sonic into new territories for all kinds of gamers. It may be enjoyed by grown ups, but kids play such games too. (Even if or if they do not understand it.) Don’t get me wrong! This is not about grittynes or realism. You can call me the Narrative Consultant.

It is a peaceful and friendly world. There is no war, no hate, no problems. But the world has to beware. A mad scientist is on the run. Banished from society, a man named Dr. Robotnik is working on a secret project. His company – which is his public face – found certian crystals in a mine. Fascinated by it, he does research on them and tests their effects on animals. His first attempt led to the creation of an abomination. The animal grew two additional tails. He now has three, which made Dr. Robotnik call him: Tails. 

He used a hedgehog on his second attempt. But the consequences were even greater. The animal transformed from animal to a hybrid. Half-human, half-animal. And – for better or worse – it can talk. Due to a side effect Dr. Robotnik can’t explain, he developed the ability to run at superspeed. Hence he calls him: Sonic. Dr. Robotnik begins to fantasize of an army of half-human half-animal beings under his control. He invents a collar that gives him total and utter control of his newly found servants. 

Tails and Sonic share a cell within the laboratory and become good friends. Both theorize about the crystals and Sonic dubs them: Chaos Emeralds. One day, Dr. Robotnik, tries to train his newly created army, only for them to break out and flee. All hybrids flee off into the world. Except Sonic and Tails, who stay together. Dr. Robotnik is raided by police force, only to unleash the entire power of the Chaos Emerals. The whole world is full of monsters, mayham and chaos. Sonic and Tails, now living in a forest, decide to destroy all evil beings by cleaning it all up. Their quest to save the world begins. (I won’t go into details about enemies or level design. This is just a story pitch.) 

The first level, and its stages, happen in the forest. The king of the forest, a half-human half-ape hybrid, is ruling it. In the first stage there uis no no end boss. In the second stage Monkida awaits them. He brags about his power and suppression of others. In the first phase, Sonic dashes at him 7 times. Monkida gets enraged and enraged to enter the second phase. The pattern is to use slow motion and hit him while he is about to punch. Repeat for 5 times. Then Monkida is almost beaten and recalls his memories of being a gunia pig and that he just enjoys his freedom. He considers his own actions ambigious, but also says he won’t change. Tails then monologues about power and the seduction by it. He continues with saying, that „people won’t judge your ambitions, but your actions.“ Then phase three begins. Now Monkida is following Sonic up three gigantic trees. Sonic has to flee while using Quick Time Events. Monkida is almost beaten and says he is, „Ready to die.“ His last phase is an enraged, slightly bigger version of him. The fourth phase is just him in the middle of the room, where Sonic has to hit four certain spots for a total amount of 3 times. Monkida dies. Sonic monologues about „the ambiguity of power. And that being consumed by it always makes you crash and burn.“ Both move on onto the next stage.

There is a cut scene between the forest and the next stage. Sonic races across the ocean while talking to Tails. Both theorize about the nature of the Chaos Emeralds. They reach the next overarching stage: The ice stage. Here he meets a race of ice-worms. They adapted their world and built a primitive society. They meet an outcast worm who tells his sad story of having not enough „cunning“ to be a part of the society. His name is Ekke. He tells a gruesome story of Noz Eisky; a gigantic ice-worm. They see his lair atop the ice stage. Sonic rushes through all stages and reaches the lair. The Noz Eisky is sleepting. Ekke tells of his weakspot, only for Noz Eisky to awake and tell of their futile mission to stop him. The endboss fight begins. Sonic runs around in an eight so to speak. He has to evade Noz Eisky’s breath and has to attack his four-part body. In phase 1 he simply dashes against the tail for 7 times. Then Noz Eisky laughs and flies in circles. Phase 2 begins. Sonic has to evade spike coming from the ground and attacking his second part. Attack for 5 times. A cut scene plays. Noz Eisky tells of his supremacy, that „certain beings will always be drawn to power.“ Because „they are able to fulfill their destiny.“ Phase 3 begins. Sonic has to attack the third part of his body. He has to „jump“ by using quick time events. The played needs to dash from ice platfrom to platform to attack his third part. Attack for 3 times. Phase 4 begins. Noz Eisky hardens his body with more dense ice. Sonic has to speed up so quick, so that his body melts. Sonic simply runs up the wall, attacks his body and then he begins to melt. Noz Eisky monologues in his demise, that „Dr. Robotnik is our savior…“ And „He will change the world… And therefore rule it.“ And „We are nothing but pawns in his twisted games.“ He dies. Sonic and Tails talk about Dr. Robotnik and reassure each other their friendship to end this madness. 

We cut to a cut scene. Sonic and Tails rush across the desert, as they talk abou the outcome of this madness. Tails concludes that „justice needs to prevail.“ Suddenly Sonic runs into sand that draws him into the ground, Tails tries to help him, only to be sucked into the sand, too. CUT TO BLACK. FADE IN. Both sit in a cave, trying to make sense of the situaiton. Sonic sits down, only to hear a voice. The rock is a living being. He brags about his misery and is eager to help, if they clean the caves from an evil mineral. Sonic and Tails agree and the stages begin. Stage 1 and 2 are in the cave. Stage 3 and 4 in the desert; ie the surface. And stage 5 is the endboss of a being sticking out of the sand. (Imagine Sandman from Spider-Man 3.) His name is Komma. He brags about his ability to turn everything into sand and his attempt to take over the world. CUT SCENE: Sonic tries to fight him. But he has no clue, until Tails mentions heat and SPINS his tail to propel heat. Sonic and Tails have to work togehter to defeat him. In phase 1 he has to simply hit his body in order to turn it into glass. Hit 7 times. In phase 2 his body hardend against heat and Sonic has to dwell into the ground to find lava. Sonic has to hit 5 rocks hard, so that they break. In phase 3 he is almost dead but Tails finds a piece of glass and heats up his body so it turns into glass entirely. Sonic and Tails rejoyce, as Sonic remarks that „world domination has had poisned so many minds. Even the Chaos Emeralds evoke it…“ Tails does not answer. 

We cut to another cut scene. Sonic arrives on an island. Sonic and Tails talk about „the plans of Dr. Robotnik and what he is trying to do. We start level 4. It happens on an island. It has 6 stages. Stage 1-3 are in the jungle. Stage 4-5 are around the volcano. And stage 6 happens inside the vulcano. They meet a huge blob of lava named Flava and he brags about „my misery. The heat. It is too much. I must let go… The pain.“ As he gets madder and madder with each sentence. Goal is to freeze him with Tails its wind he propels through his tail. This is phase 1. Sonic has to run in a circle around the endboss, with a second and third circle Sonic can jump up and down to. Sonic hits 7 times. Tails gets burned by fire and looses conscious. Sonic saves him and comes back into the volcano. The blob now has three hit points Sonic has to hit 3 times, so a total of 9 times. The blob is almost dead and wants to self-detonated, Sonic has to flee. He flees and the stage is done.

CUT SCENE: Sonic is trying to cool Tails’ wounds. Tails thinks he dies and monologues about the „finiteness of life. Every being needs to fulfill his purpose. Mine was to assist you, Sonic.“ Sonic decides to leave him in a safe spot and continues his ques alone. He rushes into the distance. FADE TO BLACK. CUT IN. Sonic sees darkness looming over a huge city. He decides to go there, hoping to defeat more enemies. He arrives in the city and sees Dr. Robotnik, who monologues about his power and domination. Sonic wants to fight him, but he runs off. Sonic gets ensnared by darkness and the fourth stage begins: Darkness.

In stage 1-3 he rushes through a weird, gloomy, dark world. (Imagine Giganthia from Pokemon.) He meets the Schuddy, beings of darkness, which are not evil. Sonic meets a new friend named Trix. Both become friends and allies. Both rush through stage 4-5 and arrive at the last level, where the endboss is waiting. It is a dark shadow calling himself Yagami. This being is bound to the darkness, but thanks to the Chaos Emeralds he can „free himself forever.“ Sonic and Schuddy try to defeat him, as a cut scene plays, where both debate a strategy. Sonic decides to use the light evoknig from his speed. In phase 1 he „burns“ Yagami, but he is not defeated. Yagami entrapps Schuddy in a cage, and Sonic decides to „scar“ the ceiling but rushing across it. Phase 2, he just runs up and down, evading the enemy. Light shines into the room. CUT SCENE. Yagami is presumeably dead, but he just evades out of his prison. He is in the city now. Phase 3. Sonic runs so fast, he can run across the air, so that sunlight burns him. Yagami is being defeated. Dr. Robotnik shows up and infuses himself with all of Yagami’s darkness power. He says, that he followed Sonic the entire time to absorb all the dead endbosses its powers. The final fight begins.

In phase 1, Sonic has to evade razor sharp leafs by trying to jump onto Dr. Robotnik’s head. In phase 2 Dr. Robotnik freezes the facade of a high rise, only to begin channeling his power of control across the city. The citizens become „zombies.“ Sonic has to rush up the high rise, only to confront Dr. Robotnik. Phase 3 begins. Dr. Robotnik summons sand platforms he tries to suck Sonic into, only for Sonic to jump on his head. Dr. Robotnik is almost defeated. He wants to flee, only for Tails to show up and finally defeating him. Sonic arrests Dr. Robotnik and puts him in a cage. Sonic, Tails and Schuddy rejoyce and talk about the „rise to power.“ That „those who have no morals, those have no borders.“ 

The game ends. Credits roll. 

In a scene playing while the credits roll, Sonic, Tails and Schuddy live in a forgotten laboratory. A little humorous, slap-stick scene happens. 

The end. 

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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