Welcome on Terra

When it comes to our world, many want to convince us, that change is impossible. That change would be bad; it would hurt and damage. And no one ever questioned our world. Barely someone questioned the concept of growth. (Except the Club of Rome with their Limits to Growth.) No one questioned the concept of economies. Many questioned capitalism, but only to not find any suitable alternative. I think re-thinking the world is possible. I cannot go into every detail of how a new world could look like. And those things I do mention make it feel like a utopian society. But that’s my point. I want a utopia. Not necessarily a perfect world; but something like it.

Out current world evokes problem it is directly respobsible for. The arms industry evokes war. Our flood of third world economies evokes poverty. Over fishing depletes fish. Too much plastic in our consumption evokes pollution. Well, the main ‘thing’ responsible for this is simple: the economy. Only because some people – or concerns – earn money with it; others have to suffer. Because the 1% of the rich get more; the rest has to suffer. Our world is of course not fair. (We all know that.) But it could be. I want to present a version a new world where all problems are solved. I am realist of course. I don’t think my vision for such a world will be reality in a few years. (Or even ever.) But this planet is not only my home; it isourhome. I would like to invite you to Terra. You’re welcome.

On Terra there is an Alliance. We had to unite all good to defeat all evil. Right now, evil is organized very well. Like mafias, clans, cartels or even autocratic states. But also hooligans, nazis, racists and generally evil people. To counter such evil doing we have to create a super organization for good. A pool for every democratic citizen to join. Right now we have people who fight for rights, the environment, dissidents and whatnot. Our goal had to be a super-organization to fund the change. If we pooled and gathered all our human and financial resources; we could have a good staring to point to begin a change. Such a super-organization could fund the actual change. Fund for campaigns to raise awareness, fund ads, funding to find new members. This super-organization would be mostly indestrucable by evil. We would join forces with governments to actively bring the voice of the people into the minds of those who are in charge. Democracy is always about what the people want; and not concerns of companies. 

On Terra there is no work. Right now people need to earn money to pay rent, taxes, groceries. Imagine how the world would look like when people did not have to work. It is had to imagine. I mean, who repairs my car? Who cuts my hair? Well, we have to be creative here. First of all we have to dismiss the idea of a 40h week. (Or 8h a day.) Yes, you’d have to work. We’d have to sustain the system. Somebody has to take care of cables or streets, some had to repair bycicles. The point is, that people only worked either less than we do now; or only work when they want to work. There a many million workers. Some would work at some point. Or we re-think the time we use to work. The main problem occuring from a new concept of work is: How do we motivate people when they don’t have to earn money? Well, we manage the system intelligently. We build a software for all people. People who want to work sign up and work. People who need work can upload a job. I know, people would not be paid. People had to work because they would like to work a specific job. And what would people do who do not work at all? Or do not want to work at all? Well, we had to accept that. We should not penalize or dismiss such people. In my version, such people would cease to exist after a few generations. The actual labor would be so highly intelligent, complex and demanding that people who do easy jobs would cease to be there. This is a process we had to enforce.

On Terra there is only intelligence. The current system is a system of the 99%. No, I don’t talk occupy. A high percentage of our world is simple work force. Factory workers, office workers, service workers. These people just sustain the system. I deeply believe in the human race – and even though many are actually not intelligent – most of them have the potential to be more than just a worker. The main focus of an ideal society would be science, art and politics. The three pillars. Science is mostly done by intelligent people. (What is logical.) We mostly do science to search for new products. Yes, there is physics who do research on particles, etc. Yes, there is research on science to defeat cancer and AIDS. But they only do it to find a new, expensive ways to earn money. (See immune- and gene-therapy.) I think science should be free of capitalistic-driven efforts. Yes, we should explore space. Yes, we should find a cure for cancer. But (!) only to improve things. To either heal people. Or to understand the universe. Science for science reason. Science for understanding. Second. Art. Art is the second pillar. Art has no specific valur other than expression. But that is the point: expression. People should do art to find new ways of expression, to find new designs, to find new ideas. Creativity is always the standout point for our species. We had to get creative to hunt animals. We had to get creative to cross the ocean. We had get creative to print books. (You get the idea.) On Terra, art is not necessarily defined by art itself; but by finding new ways of human being. New concepts for society, new systems, new visions. We should enforce art by giving people something new. (And it is plenty of fun too.) And the third pillar is: Politics. Well, politics and intelligence rarely go hand to hand. (See rise of populism around the globe.) I always loved the idea that everyone can do politics. That is only democratic. And that is good. But that is not the point. The point is, that people always demand easy answers. They do not care for complex ideas and concepts. But this is Terra, and we have no easy answers. On Terra, politics is not defined by ideology. Right now we have left and right. And both wings tries to overpower the other. But politics should be defined by ideas; not ideals. The actual point of politic is to find the best answer and solution. Yet, its most profilic point is power and influence. We should only care for people of interest. We should not only vote for our elected representatives. But we should rate them too. This has a good idea? One rating up! This only babbles? One rating down! We should destilated the good from the bad. Thse three pillars are the foundation for the new world.

On Terra there is no crime. There are two types of crime: smart and dumb. I’d say 95% of all crimes are commited by dumb people. Drug dealing, human trafficking, drug smuggling, robbery, murder; you get the idea. There are 5% of all crimes who are highly capable. (Even though I use the term ‘smart’ very loosely.) Tax fraud, crimes related to stock markets, etc. Fighting crime is futile and won’t be successful. People will always commit crime. Prison sentences – or even death – has never stopped anyone from commiting a crime. And that is because of many thing. People don’t think. Like consequences of their actions. People have no idea what they do. Like planning a crime. People don’t care. Like punishment for a crime. I think if we prevented crime; we’d have a sturdy foundaiton for a crime-free world. If we take care of people who seem to go off-rail; we’d might had a good starting point. Okay, we see someone is aggressive. Okay, we see he does drugs. Okay, we see he begins to steal smaller sums. Evil is never as great as it results in a crime. A murderer does not wake up and thinks up: I kill someone. Someone planning a robbery is not a robber one morning. People always develop into an evil being. If we’d use psychology and sociology, and used modern therapy to find people beforethey commit a crime; we’d have a good idea here at hand. And if (!) they commited a crime, they would not be left alone. We’d use therapy and psychiatry to help those people to prevent them from commiting a crime. It works for mental illnesses. Why not for crime? Because people could be stopped. 

On Terra there is only humanity. It would be no exxageration that peoplenoware not (!) human. People hate each other on the internet, they beat each other to death in real life, they commit terrorism, they do organized crime, they kill, they do whatnot. I deeply believe we are not how humans are intended to be. Because evil is more common. Evil is our default mode. Evil rottens a human slowly but surely. It begins throughout their entire life. People are not born evil. But they develop to become so. Good has to practiced. It has to be learned, nourished and cultivated. Hope, love, compassion, kindness, politeness. All these things need to be actively done in order to work. You have to practicehuman. Humans who are good are raised to be like this. It was their surroundings and their circumstances. People without contact to drugs, to violence, to sex, to consumerism. Such people become good people because some tool care of them. Hence I think every human being can become a saint. If we promote and cultivated a culture of positve behavior, of hope, of love, and most of it all, of compassion. Yes, people are evil. Evil is the pre-dominant mindset. But good can exist too. If learned and practiced.

On Terra there is only you. Due to psychology and sociology reasons, people behave in groups and in masses. That is only natural. Human beings need the feeling of being needed, beloved and accepted. The only problem with this is, that it blocks the indiviual progess as a human being. And individual is a person who is free of bias, free of prejuice and free in thought. A person who can think for itself. But such people are not needed. We only have a superifical individuality. (As seen on Instagram.) People think certain hair cuts or brands make them an individual. That is wrong. An individual is a mindset; a stance and approach to life. Such people quesiton things, they analyze and reason, they understand and develop themselves. Such people gather knowledge and understanding, wisdom and positivity. In an ideal world there are only individuals. There is no pre-dominant group or mass. No movement, and no sub-culture. Everything is so diversified and full of consideration. We did not need to engage in specific groups or cultures. We arethe group and culture. Everyone would feel accepted and beloved without the need to be part of something specific. We had a mass of individuals to say it bluntly.

On Terra there is no trade. We have enough resources to provide every human being a house, fresh and clean water, clothes and food. Right now the wealth is densed in the First World. In the West, some parts of Asia and South America. We simply had to get rid of the concept of trade in order to only use resources as we actually need it. The concept of trade is one of the oldest concepts of our species. And it is outdated. Due to technological advancements; we could provide enough for everyone. We only produced what we needed. The concept of mass production is actually the least productive. Because it builds too much and draws up too many resources. If we focused our production onto a person its needs, then we could stop the destruction of our planet. What people do not understand is, that species extinct can’t come back. Eco-systems destroyed cannot come back. Metals and rare earths are not endless. (See sand or sweet water.) If we don’t switch from mass production to a need-to-have basis, the problems will only intensify. We will have wars over resources. To prevent further damage, we’d had to replace capitalism with something new I don’t have a word for. For the lack of a better term: Humanism. Let us focus on the weak and hungry. Let us help slaves and factory workers. Let us point our view onto the poor. 

Terra is of course not real. And the text you’ve just read barely scratches the surface. The point is not if or if not. The questions yes or no. We have to change the world because people do not want to suffer anymore. They don’t want to work all day in shitty jobs, they do not want to suffer from hunger. People are sick of power-hungry politicians. People want change. And all I did was to provide the idea. You’re welcome.

Published by N. Burg

N. Burg is a writer. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of 17. Since then he wrote a vast body of work. He also likes reading, cats, the manga One Piece, and thinking.

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